Your Daily Muslim: Shazad Iqbal

Shazad Iqbal

Shazad Iqbal

Whenever an artist creates anything offensive about Christians, they normally just whine a bit and move on. Muslims, however, are a bit less tolerant of artistic expression. Such is the case of Bradford, UK Muslim (no surprise there) Shazad Iqbal. Despite having “IQ” in his last name, Iqbal’s IQ is not a defining trait, as he believes a seventh-century child-porn fairytale to be of divine authorship. What piece of “art” got Iqbal all worked up? The intentionally-cheesy music video for Katy Perry’s newest single, “Dark Horse,” in which a man wearing a necklace of the name of Allah gets turned to sand. Surprisingly, most Muslims aren’t criticizing the video due to the belief held by some scholars that music is haram (forbidden) in Islam.

Iqbal started a petition on change.org to have the video removed from YouTube. It went viral among the Islamic world, since as we all know, Muslims cannot handle or tolerate criticism. Iqbal’s sentiment behind the petition was as follows: “This is the reason for lodging the petition so that people from different walks of life, different religions and from different parts of the world, agree that the video promotes blasphemy, using the name of God in an irrelevant and distasteful manner would be considered inappropriate by any religion. We hope that the video itself depicting such images is removed. Such acts are not condoned nor tolerated, we hope YouTube will remove the video.” Blasphemy against Christianity is frequently seen in music videos, and most Christians don’t make a huge fuss asking for the videos to be taken off the internet. However, with Muslims, anything that offends their seventh-century sensibilities is seen as a grievous offense, and of course, the only way they can think to un-bunch their panties is to kill or destroy whatever is bothering them.

After the petition had reached 40,000 signatures, Iqbal commented, “I’d firstly like to thank everybody for the support and signing the petition. I would also like to say in making this petition my intention is not to cause controversy or to cause hate but rather to gain support in having the video removed.” You don’t want to cause hate? Then let artists do their thing without telling them what they can and can’t say. Followers of other religions have learned to not be crybabies about art in our free western society; why are Muslims so far behind the times?!

Iqbal’s petition garnered over 50,000 signatures within the first two days of its existence, and it momentum is still going. He took down all his pictures off of Facebook and his other social media profiles, likely for fear of being put up on a site like this. Well, there’s this little thing called an internet cache, and it’s working in my favor.

Unfortunately, Iqbal and his foaming friends got their way. Dark Horse was edited so that the necklace appeared to just be a chain. It probably would’ve been the next Innocence of Muslims and would’ve been blamed for an Islamic terror attack. Speaking of which, take a look at these comments from Iqbal’s petition. Such tolerance, and that totally wasn’t a bomb threat…


33 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Shazad Iqbal

  1. Interesting how they claim they are insulted – after actually insulting the whole world for the last few hundred years!
    It is okay to say they want to kill other religions and non believers then think they are insulted – what kind of reaction do they expect???

    • But- but criticizing them is racist! lool

      • Islam is not a race – JUST another religion we do not need religion in the real world!
        It is very hard to advise someone nicely that what they believe is lies – but here is my attempt:

        Religion is basically dependant on geographical location
        which is proof that religion is not from a God
        If their God was true there could only be one religion for the whole world
        and if the words of “god” were true – then no man could disagree – for that would be impossible!
        Religious people explain god from their imagination ONLY – they have NEVER actually met “god” or heard or read his actual words!

        Therefore conclusion is whatever your “religion” it does not ever ever give you a god like authority over other human beings !

      • Shouldn’t Iqbal be flogging himself for not having a long enough beard?

    • Exactly. they are happy to burn flags, the british poppy, Only have to search the web for muslim burning cross and you will find thousands of images. The muslim faith is the only faith that has a problem with others. So simple answer get rid of it

  2. 50k signatures? Don’t think so. These people are notorious liars and are known for creating fake accounts and signing these stupid petitions with at least a few names and up to 40 per crazy person. The fact is Christians and other religions believe when we die we turn to dust, and everyone does decompose if they are buried. So what’s the big deal again? I mean we know these people wouldn’t be offended in the least if a Muslim put his penis in between an infant girls thighs, that’s not offensive to them. The rest of the world, very offensive. They pick the absolutely dumbest things to get offended over. What do they think they turn into when they die, pickles? Katy Perry still doesn’t know who you are Iqqy, and never will you little fan boy.

  3. What gets me, is how did muslims ever get to see this? Is not music harem? And how many times did anyone have to watch it to catch that little thing? How petty can anyone be???

  4. The Muslim from Malmö, Sweden, a city where Jews no longer feel comfortable or even safe because of violence against perpetuated mostly by Muslims which has so spiralled out of control that Malmö (with one synagogue) sees more antisemtic attacks than Stockholm (with several synagogues) and Gothenborg combined, thinks that an artist wants to “start a war with Muslims”?
    it would be quite funny if it wasn’t associated with the very real threat of violence.

    Regarding the prevention of “something happening”: I suggest that easily butthurt muslims move to countries like Saudi-Arabia or Qatar where they won’t see any of those “offending” videos.

  5. If more non-Muslims defended their beliefs in the same way that Muslims defend their religion, the Muslims would think twice before attacking other religions and the people who follow them.

  6. Katy Perrys LSD sect is highly damaging to the youths minds. While she has prostituted herself in the media for a long time, she can ofcourse not be allowed to ruin the minds of youths aswell. LSD and similar substances is a poison. Synasthesia makes the mind dysfunctional, and retards the user. The faces on the images by fans who seem to have hallucinogenic symbolism, indicates negative experience of the drug. Which most people would indicate. The hippies only romanticised it, and it was highly irrational. Ideological idiocy.

    A statement God revealed in a time where such things were common: God is one, and without partners.


  7. Funny, how a Video can stir up the whole Muslim-world. Christians are slaughtered, tortured, kidnapped, raped in Islamic countries. Even Muslims are killing each other in their own countries. And now a Video is causing an eruption of emotions in the Muslims world…how retarded is this?

  8. Hey Shazad, Guess what I am doing with the Katty Perry video? Saved it and sharing it with all my friends and family!!! 🙂 Yes baby, showing it all over and encouraging them to share with all their friends. How do you like that???? Want to start a war, bitch? Too late, war has already been declared against your belief system and your fake prophet mohammad who happens to be a pedophile with delusions of grandeur. May allah kiss your ass on your way to hell. By the way, the 72 virgins are older than your grand mother.

  9. Its really sad that u have completely lost your way… A life without religion is incomplete! U ppl have no sense of right and wrong… Zero morals!
    Thas probably y you think its Ok to write all the disgusting things that come to your minds.

    Have an open mind and with all honestly ask yourself y it is so difficult for you to accept you were created by Allah… Open your eyes and see how muslims worship…I mean really worship and pray. Ask questions and don’t just close off and write off Islam off without any real knowledge.

    Hate Islam all you want but will continue to pray u smday see the world for what it really is (which is absolutely nothing) before its too late.

    • The reason I started this site was because I have real knowledge about Islam and its pedophile prophet.

      • Ha anyone with half a brain can see you don’t know the first fucking thing about normal muslims and what they believe and how they live.

        You’re just picking odd titbits from the most backward and narrow minded schools of thinking and applying it to all.

        That makes you an ignorant twat and nothing more. Everyone who reads this shite would struggle to score 100 in an IQ test and if they did it would probably the biggest achievement of their lives.

        Good for you

    • Why is it so difficult for you to accept that ‘god’ or whatever you call it simply DOES NOT EXIST!

      It doesn’t exist, it was made up. And Muhammad liked raping 9 year old girls, no wonder that rape is so common amongst muslims, because in their world, sex with a 9 year old isn’t rape, its something paedo Mo did do its perfectly legal!

    • I don’t hate Muslims or Islam far from it what I hate is the fact Muslims believe we should all live by there beliefs if you think we are that bad why don’t you all go and live in Muslim governed countries ……. Oh yeah because there oppressive and you can’t have all the things you have in the west you talk about being devout yet the fact any of you watched the video in the first place is against your religion so how devout are you really and when you get Muslim gangs in England drugging and raping young white girls then saying during there trials that they do not recognise our laws and that they have comitted no crime as the children where not Muslim what do you expect people to think and in the west we have freedom of speech stop trying to force your religion on the rest of the world it’s that simple and when you have fanatics chopping off the head of an unarmed off duty soldier in the street in the middle of London screaming about Allah how are people supposed to react we have tried to accommodate Muslims I mean let me ask you how many Christian places of worship there are in Saudi Arabia or the rest of the Middle East …….. Yet we allow mosques to be built and allow Muslims to be in positions of power in our society’s yet you think you are persecuted lmao .

  10. you know something if the video is that bad, then quiet simply DON’T WATCH IT. And if things are really that bad, then guess what, there is a solution………. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. I’ve already saved the UNCENSORED version of the video and sharing it with everyone. “Katy Perry is blaspheming because she dissolved a pendant into sand with Allah’s name on it”, what a complete load of rubbish, you lot must have nothing better to do then moan and whinge about anything and everything. Can’t wait for the day when people wake up and realise that religion is nothing more than a group of people been taken for a ride and worshiping something/ someone that does not exist because let’s face it, THERE IS NO PROOF HE/ IT EXISTS. There is TONS of scientific information and evidence that the universe was created through a scientific process that occurred over millions of years. And NO evidence of Jesus or Allah or anything else.

  11. OMG – Another radical religious Muslim has something negative to say – what a surprise! Work on the oppression of your religion, educate your women, promote their freedom instead of focusing on this nonsense. I could post a picture of Muhammad saving a woman from drowning and another picture of him feeding starving children. Guess what? None of these backward radical fanatics would say how nice Muhammad is by saving a life & feeding children… All they would say is “He posted a picture of Muhammad BLASPHEMY KILL HIM”. I work and deal with many Muslims and they can’t stand idiots like this Shazad. Glad he is in the minority where he and his ignorant followers belong. Alex

  12. I would like to thank Shazad Iqbal. By having her remove that, you have paved the way for my Gods to take the center stage! Thank YOU! I was Proud to see Isis, Bast, Ra, Horus, and many other seen again! Thank you for your thoughtfulness toward me and my Gods!

  13. where’s hitler when you need him

    • Actually we don’t need him, Hitler was kinda pro muzzie, he admired them for their zeal and warrior like behaviour, never questioning their leaders and willingness to fight to the death. Xtians were weak, according to Hitler.

  14. Here’s the Funny part. If you are a true Believer of the Islam Faith then you wouldn’t even be looking at half naked women, Because that’s considered a haram (sinful) . Few things I know in this world and this just happens to be one of them I am or woman (Islamic faith) can not enjoying seeing someone of the opposite sex because its considered temptation. I doubt that he was looking at it for anything other then enjoyment

  15. Shazad Iqbal and every single one of the people who signed this are truly pathetic little worms, who would not know what freedom was, if a twenty foot robot called freedom, hit them around the head with a cricket bat made of liberty.
    Your TV set has 2 buttons, one changes the channel, the other turns it off. FFS use them…. Cretins.

  16. How the hell…it boggles my mind how blind religion makes some people who are capable of functioning as human beings..,…how the hell can they be offended??? Their religion itself is perhaps the most offensive thing in the whole world!!! Ban Islam!!!

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