Your Daily Muslim: Dzafer Nuhic

Dzafer Nuhic has been skipping leg day

Dzafer Nuhic has been skipping leg day

Australian Muslim Dzafer Nuhic’s hobbies include douching, being a douchebag, and general douchebaggery. The wannabe bro posts all sorts of pictures of him and his Islamic friends trying to look tough, and even posts pictures of his gradually-becoming-less-scrawny-but-still-not-impressive arms at the gym. Watching Nuhic claim he’s ripped is like watching someone claim Islam is the religion of peace. On that note, Nuhic is quite adept at showcasing the true peacefulness of his religion. Recently, he found some counterjihad pages on Facebook and proceeded to have a meltdown, both on the pages’ walls and on his own.


As you can see, the wannabe tough guy doesn’t shy away from making threats. Of course, Nuhic would probably cower and run with his tail between his legs in the unfortunate event of an actual confrontation. As for different nationalities – it isn’t national origin that encourages people to try to molest children under the guise of marriage.


Now he’s just gone off the rails. Leave it to a Muslim to imply Jewish involvement in something Jews had nothing to do with. Also, I don’t think he understands that “you’s” (what he’s trying to say when he says “use”) is grammatically incorrect. Then again, when has a foamer ever had good grammar?

8 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Dzafer Nuhic

  1. maybe he should spend some of his gym time on education?

    And his antisemitism didn’t even surpise me anymore.

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  3. They should just club him to death, like a rabid seal.

  4. What a fucking clown

  5. lmfao, is all i can say abt this wanabe, cant stop laughing at his pic an his fb profile

  6. His spelling and understanding of English is horrendous, and he quite obviously a homosexual. What a sad little man trying to act all tough, when he should just accept and have pride in himself!!!!!!!!! I know we’ll be seeing him on a gay pride float soon enough.

  7. One word……TOOL

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