Your Daily Muslim: Heda Umarova

Heda Umarova with Boston Marathon bomber and fellow Muslim Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Heda Umarova with Boston Marathon bomber and fellow Muslim Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Chechen Muslimah Heda Umarova flew under everyone’s radar while in the US. Though she befriended Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, she was never suspected of any involvement in jihadist activities… until now.

Four months after the Boston bombings, Umarova bought roundtrip tickets to Chechnya so she could get married. The marriage was likely arranged, as her parents traveled with her to see her marry a man she had probably never met in person before. When in America, Umarova did not wear any sort of traditional Islamic ninja costume.

After Umarova’s marriage, she decided to stay in Chechnya instead of returning to America with her parents, who *totally* had no idea what she was up to. In the months since, Umarova is speculated to have turned into a full-on jihadist, posting imagery of Chechens holding weapons and a doctored picture of a US passport in a bag covered in the jihad black flag on social media.

For now, Umarova’s whereabouts aren’t entirely known, though she is believed to still be in Chechnya. Whether or not she will return to America remains to be seen.

6 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Heda Umarova

  1. i hope she’s on the “no fly list”.

  2. No doubt she’s on a watch liss back, because no doubt they are making money here and sending t, as is her husband and his family if they actually registered their marriage in Chechnya, it’s pretty funny that many Muslim’s never bother with that detail so by society’s standards they are not legally married but living in sin, so to speak. Great catch on this story YDM, the U.S. should look into where the parent’s money is being sent and get rid of them too. Cut off the money, stop the terrorists.

  3. Um this site is the most racist thing I have ever seen in my life – this is bigotry and propaganda at its finest – congratulations – you have hit an all new low. Nothing you wrote here about Heda is true and I know this because I know Heda – I am not a Muslim – I am a Christian – and I’m not such an ass that I am afraid to get to know people because of what the news media tells me about a group. She was not flying under the radar – she was being friends with people like myself. She is not accused of terrorism. By anyone. There are zero charges against her. If she is a typical Jihadist then no one has anything to fear – this is a girl who loves kittens and truth and justice. What you may see on her social media are cultural cues that you cannot understand knowing nothing about her culture and not attempting to understand it. Chechnya is a war torn country – they identify themselves not as terrorists but as warriors in large part due to what they perceive as a long history of abuse by Russia – they detest Russia – not the US or you or I. Being armed is not rare – it is a way or life and every bit as patriotic for her as any billboard of US soldiers you would see here – those people with guns are defending their country as we defend ours – they are not terrorists and they are minding their own business with those guns not yours. Also I find the media concept that jihadists have a flag to be completely hilarious and counterintuitive. They do not act under a flag of terrorism. Muslims – who are by and large not terrorists – have a flag which when translates simply says there is only one God. This is not a flag of violence or threats -it is a flag indicating Islam which is not synonymous with violence – its a religion… Jihadists have at times adapted this flag for their own purposes but it does not symbolize them – rather they have stolen it… just as Christians are not represented by Westboro Baptists – that flag has nothing to do with Jihadists. that pic if anything was likely identifying her faith and her most recent “home” I can’t say for sure as I have not been able to ask her but I know her well enough to know that this is not someone that scares me nor would she scare anyone else… While here she was subject to an unGodly amount of surveillance and was treated as a suspect despite having committed no crime. If you have paid attention to the law enforcement response to nearly every friend and relative of the brothers – who are as of yet just suspects – they have all been locked up or killed. One was followed for months with an aircraft. Do I blame her for not wanting to return to that sort of cold welcome? Not really. Its not what America means to promise to those seeking shelter here – its an affront to the Constitution really. We have killed far more innocent Muslims across the world than any act of terrorism has ever touched. Muslim faith is not synonymous with terrorism – that is completely untrue. This site is appalling but I will be sure to let my peace loving Muslim friends know all about and do my best to make sure Heda herself sees it so that she knows who to sue for defamation and libel so that she can live her life rolling in well deserved money to fund her happy Chechen life in the country side with her peace loving Muslim husband and babies. Thanks for providing that opportunity for her.

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