Your Daily Muslim: Ali Yedes

Ali Yedes

Ali Yedes

The extent to which liberals will go to protect Muslims continues to baffle. Though left-wingers claim to be in support of women’s equality, they immediately bend over and shut up when a Muslim reminds them that misogyny is a part of his culture – and no real liberal would dare criticize a non-western culture for fear of being labeled “racist.” That’s basically what happened in the case of Oberlin College professor Ali Yedes, who was also a “Muslim religious life affiliate” at the Islamic Center of Cleveland.

Yedes’ issues with female staff members became known in 2006. Normally, when a woman files a harassment complaint against a man, the man’s ass is thrown out, no questions asked. However, when that man is a Muslim, immediately it becomes the woman whose behavior needs to change for whatever reason. Eun-Jung An, a professor of French and cinema studies, reported that Yedes said that “in [his] culture, he could have had the female department chair killed.” Of course, this was during a 45-minute tirade (read: foaming) in which Yedes demonstrated the trademark Islamic finger-point repeatedly. When An reported the threatening statement to a department senior, she was told to grow a thicker skin. That might be necessary considering Muslims’ propensity to get stabby. And lo and behold, guess what Yedes threatened in 2013? He told another professor he had brought his nephew to the US on a student visa to “stab and kill someone from his department.”

Of course, despite the threats, An was moved repeatedly by the college to avoid further interactions with the violent Muslim Yedes. Recently, An filed suit. In addition to the aforementioned savage behaviors, the suit also alleges that Yedes called An a “whore” (I’m guessing the word “uncovered” may also have been involved), and that his behavior has been both disruptive and physically aggressive, and has caused other staff members to leave. Hopefully An wins her suit, and Yedes can teach no more.

6 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Ali Yedes

  1. Pathetic, and baffling.

  2. Have him go teach English Lit at a mostly black Southern Georgia College, & the problem solves itself. Muslim or not, culture or not, once violence is threatened, he needs to be on the first boat back to Sand Land.

  3. In this instance the people who pretend to care about womens’ rights and claim to be “anti-racist” have not only been ignoring the fact that a lot of violent sexism was going on in this case but also the fact that the woman threatened is of Asian descent. So they also failed a member of an ethnic minority here.

    I also wonder why the “anti-racist” lefties are often only very protective and “anti-racist” when it comes to minorities which have a disproportionate amount of trouble makers. I’ve never seen any of the “anti-racist” left promoting e.g. Japanese culture; I literally only observe them when they’re getting active in promoting “Muslim culture” or what they see as “Muslim culture”. Their preception of “Muslim culture” usually leaves out Indonesian culture and when Indonesian culture is featured among other Muslim cultures it usually only is a fringe feature. Despite the fact that Indonesia has a very large population but then again why would a mulit-culturalist care about facts?

  4. So you have to cow tow to a sexist, misogynistic asshole professor at dumb Oberlin College or be called racist? Wow, is that college going to pay big bucks up the butt financially, she has a great case. Any parent considering sending their child to Oberlin should consider the behavior allowed by so called professors, one can only imagine what happens when females are attacked or raped on campus. I’d expect no cooperation and a cover up instead of doing the right thing since Oberlin protects abusers.

  5. Any update on this? I hope she won the suit and heads rolled, not literally. All those who sucked up to him and punished the poor lady should be fired and blacklisted for being racist, misogynistic, and misanthropists. And most of all, he needs to be nowhere near students of any type.

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