Your Daily Muslim: Suleman Maknojioa

Suleman Maknojioa needs to shave

Suleman Maknojioa needs to shave

When Muslims aren’t trying to wage jihad against the west, they’re trying to wage jihad against prepubescent girls’ vaginas. Such is the case with UK-residing Muslim Suleman Maknojioa. A Qur’an teacher who provided in-home lessons to young Muslim children, the hefty Maknojioa is nothing if not devout. Of course, part of being a devout Muslim means following the prophet’s example… and groping little girls.

A mother signed her three children up for lessons with Maknojioa while she was out of the house. At first, nothing was cause for alarm. But soon, Maknojioa started showing favoritism toward the 11-year-old girl and acting dismissively toward the 13-year-old boy and his 7-year-old brother. Maknojioa sat next to the children as they studied the Qur’an, providing insight into all of its passages of child molestation and slaughter. The fat Muslim then tried to get physical with the 11-year-old girl, who was too afraid to do anything about it. “I did not want it, but I was too afraid to say something,” the girl said. “He would put his hand under my headscarf on my chest and he would squeeze.” Maknojioa also caressed the girl’s thighs

When the issue was brought to the attention of the girl’s mother, Maknojioa’s ass immediately ended up in court. He was convicted, but won’t have to serve a day behind bars – because his wife doesn’t speak English and thus can’t effectively work, and he was the only provider for the family (Maknojioa and his wife have six children.) Now, Maknojioa’s on benefits since he is no longer allowed to teach Qur’an lessons. If an English Defence League member who was the sole provider for his family spraypainted a pig on a mosque, he’d certainly get jail time regardless of how many people depended on him.

Maknojioa is a hafiz, or scholar who has memorized the Qur’an. His defense attorney, also a Muslim, got him off (no pun intended) by saying “this is a man who doesn’t pose any risk of harm to his [six] children.” Uhh, clearly the attorney forgot about the harm he was causing to other people’s children.

9 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Suleman Maknojioa

  1. ist just saddens me what has become and is becoming of Britain.
    It is now a nation of Muslim appeasers and in the process of doing so we routinely discriminate against other Asians since Muslim criminals are more often than not referred to as “Asians” giving all the non-muslim Asians a horrible name.

    I can’t imagine what it is like to be a Hindu or Sikh Brit.

  2. The problem is that piece of toilet paper called a holy book, the koran. Just like serial killers learn to disassociate by killing animals at first, muslims learn to devalue women by reading that garbage.

  3. I’m not from Britain, and what is happening to this country is just wrong. I wish you’d wake up to your senses and kick every muslim trash out !!!

    • certainly not every Muslim. Muslims belonging to “British Muslims for secular democracy” are fine. they speak actively out against Sharia and are against special priviliges for Muslims, they also criticise hate preachers and mosques that invite hate preachers. Though the problem is that this group is a tiny group contrasted to other Muslim groups. Another problem, at least for the mutli-culti, self-proclaimed “anti-fascists” is that “British Muslims for Secualr Democracy” often confirm many of the “prejudices” against the bigger Muslime groups. Esp. with regards to the rampant sexism, antisemitism, homophobia, hindu-phobia, Sikh-phobia, Buddhist-phobia and the tendency to white-wash violence and terrorism against other groups that run through contemporary Muslim culture.
      the democratic Muslims have also untied with the Ex-Muslims to combat sharia courts.

      But the fact that there was a special group needed for the (few) democratic & liberal Muslims shines a pretty negative light upon the bigger group of Muslims and serves to highlight that there is indeed a massive problem with Islam.
      The even bigger scandal is that prime minister Cameron doesn’t consult with the liberal Muslims but with the people who represent the Muslim main stream (the kind of Muslims who inssit that they can’t help with identifying potential terrorists because there’s just one umma; though I’m certain that the “one umma” people would be happy if onyl they had the opportunity to harm the liberal Muslims).
      There are no words that can describe what I think & feel about people who prefer the fanatics over the liberals.

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  5. If the wife hasn’t bothered to learn English, then she and her child molesting husband need to be deported back to where ever they came from. I don’t get why the UK is bending over for these sexual child deviants, so he doesn’t rape his own children, that’s some sort of character reference? He’s an opportunistic, hypocrite who molests his own religious communities children under the guise of religious training. So what he can be around boys only, like that will stop him? UK snap out of it, get rid of these perverts by deporting them.


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