Your Daily Muslim: Tarainia McDaniel

Tarainia McDaniel is the proud owner of two chins

Tarainia McDaniel is the proud owner of two chins

As someone who spent a considerable amount of time this past evening doing deadlifts, I hate the chain of gyms called Planet Fitness. More commonly referred to as Planet Fatness or Hamplanet Fitness by those who actually lift, this joke of a gym chain often has free pizza and donuts for its members. Oh, and it gets even worse – they have a “lunk alarm” in their facilities which goes off whenever someone grunts too loudly or drops their weights. In other words, they reward being a lazy hamplanet and punish serious lifters. The chain caters to fatties who want to be told that pigging out is just as good as working out. Today’s daily Muslim was a Planet Fatness member. Meet the overweight Tarainia (not to be confused with tarantula) McDaniel. Before I begin, I’ve gotta give props to her for making an effort to lose weight, however short-lived that effort may have been.

McDaniel decided to transfer to a new Planet Fatness location, possibly because of its superior exercise equipment, location, and/or expanded junk food menu. However, a buffet at Planet Fatness wasn’t in this Muslimah’s future. When she signed up, she wore the hijab, or headbag. The gym forbids wearing head coverings, as some can get caught in various machines. With a loose garment like a hijab, plenty of dangers abound, and thus McDaniel was asked to remove the seventh-century accessory while lifting.

Of course, as a Muslim, McDaniel just couldn’t comply with the completely unfair rules the kuffar were trying to impose on her. What did she do? She filed a LOLsuit against the gym under the New Mexico Human Rights Act and the Unfair Practices Act, claiming she had been denied service because of her religion. Well, it’s not her religion that caused her to be denied entry, it’s her unwillingness to comply with 21st-century rules because of her 7th-century beliefs. She had every chance to take off the headbag and dress like a normal person. But noooooooope, Islam is absurdly inflexible. McDaniel also alleged that her African-American race may have had something to do with the gym’s refusal to allow her to work out. However, plenty of other African-Americans work out at that location without issue.

McDaniel says that Islam is strict about female followers being required to wear a head covering and loose-fitting clothing. As for the loose-fitting clothing – thank you, McDaniel, for abiding by that part.

The outcome of McDaniel’s lawsuit remains to be seen. If this case goes in McDaniel’s favor, it could set a harmful precedent in terms of businesses having to allow otherwise impermissible forms of attire due to outlandish claims of religious obligation. However, if it goes in Planet Fatness’ favor, they won’t be out the unspecified amount of money McDaniel is suing them for. As someone who lifts 5 or 6 days a week, I would love to see the Planet Fatness chain fail because it’s an effing joke. But I’ll be damned if it’s whining Muslims that cause that failure.

8 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Tarainia McDaniel

  1. I just had to look up Planet Fitness’s homepage as I have been in serious doubt about the existence of the Lunk Alarm. The existence of the lunk alarm has been confirmed.
    The upside of this gym chain is that there isn’t any branch in Hawaii, Montana or Wyoming.

    Regarding the dangers of a hijab: there was a woman in Edmonton who was strangled to death on an esclator by her hijab and/or scarf. I’ve read in the news that it was the hijab but some news outlets quoted friends of the deceased who said that it had been the scarf. – Whilst I can’t rule out that the scarf was (partially) at fault I’m very scpetical about this. I’ve never seen people who tie their scarves tying it so firm that there is a danger of strangulation if the scarf is caught in anything slow moving like an escalator. I’m also at a loss as to how any adult gets a scarf into an escalator. But I’m also at a loss how an adult manages to get her hijab into an escalator.
    A hijab on the other hand is wrapped around the head & neck region in a more complex manner and as such appears to be more likely to be able to strangle someone.

    You know what I’m really waiting for? The time when a muslima sues against the legal requirement of having to wear a crash helmet whilst riding a motorbike because she can’t wear a Hijab/burka/niqab at the same time. Even better would be a lawsuit to allow muslimas to wear a burka whilst riding a motorbike.
    (Never mind that no Hindu women as far as I know has come across the idea of having to wear a sari whereever she goes and that native Americans who belong to tribes traditionally wearing feather head gear don’t whine that they can’t wear it everywhere)

    Other than that: Good post! I had to laugh out loud several times.

    • Thanks 🙂 as for trying to get around safety laws – they will totally get away with it, considering how things are going in our society. I’d imagine that soon, people will say they are Muslims just to receive special sensitivity.

  2. Equally the islamic law should be applied to male also. All mal muslims should wear loose garments and ride on horses only. Should forbid cars planes etc, as being not invented by ALL-ah, as not mentioned in Qurr’an.

  3. They are so annoying I need a head bag myself. To retch into.

  4. Wearing her head scarf is a danger to herself, never mind a possible danger to anyone trying to save a strangling woman who is panicking by choking. They simply are unable to care about other people or the damage they potentially can do to others. It’s such a self absorbed culture, and one that will sue at the drop of a hat.

  5. […] isn’t enough of a wake-up call to Muslimahs everywhere, I’m not sure what would be. Tarainia McDaniel and all other pro-hijab activists should take note: it’s only a matter of time before another […]

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