Your Daily Muslim: Mansor Mohammad Asad

Mansor Mohammad Asad

Mansor Mohammad Asad

Welcome to Muslims of Miami week on YDM! This week, we’re gonna be looking at the fine Islamic specimens of Miami.

Mansor Mohammad Asad, a 43-year-old Muslim, was seated on a plane when he realized he couldn’t hold it in any longer. The seatbelt light was on, but Asad really had to get it out of him. By “it,” I’m not referring to his excrement, I’m talking about his hatred of Jews, of course. The plane began taxiing away from the terminal and Asad began his craziness. He started chanting in Arabic, and the volume kept increasing. He then yelled, “I’m Palestinian and I want (to) kill all Jews.” The pilot then turned the taxiing plane around and took it back to the terminal. This Muslim’s jihad wasn’t going to get off the ground.

However, Asad wasn’t done being a seventh-century savage. When officers attempted to arrest him, he wasn’t going to go peacefully (despite the fact that he is a follower of the religion of peace.) “I’m not afraid of you cops,” Asad said. “I’ve gotten in fights with cops in Ohio and broke their arms in three places. I’ve broken skulls too!” That sounds like an admission of numerous counts of assault, possibly even attempted murder right there.

Asad also yelled at a white cop, “Go back to Africa, you white racist cop!” He did not seem physically violent at the time, but when officers tried to cuff him, that changed. Asad charged them. They were forced to tase the mad Muslim twice to quell his assault. Asad was charged with threats against a public servant, disorderly conduct and resisting an officer. Asad’s son claimed his father suffered from bipolar disorder and said of his father “Of course he’s not a terrorist.” Yes, because screaming about killing Jews and attacking cops are totally not things an Islamic terrorist would do.

5 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Mansor Mohammad Asad

  1. So glad they tazered him twice,can never be sure. Would have looked like a scene from Flying High where the woman is slapped by the passengers one after another. Lol

  2. With all their inbreeding it’s hard to see why there are so many mentally ill Arabs around the world. The fact that over 70% of them are the product of first cousins breeding over and over generation after generation, what’s amazing is there are about 30% not ravaged by mental illness or retardation. Though it’s hard to tell who’s who and who’s not by their behavior and socialization.

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  4. Muslim = always a hater.
    It’s amazing how these savages just won’t leave other people alone. The core identity of Muslims is built on interfering and forcing themselves on other people, running their lives, deciding what others should do and not do, attacking them, committing crimes against them, destroying their lives, killing them.

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