Your Daily Muslim: Narseal Batiste

Narseal Batiste

Narseal Batiste

Miami-area Muslim Narseal Batiste was smoking some weird stuff. He and several of his buddies decided to follow a belief that combines Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, but they took out pretty much all the Judaism and Christianity. Their inbred abortion of a religion, the Moorish Science Temple, motivated them to not act peacefully, but rather to wage jihad. We all know that Islam is the religion of peace, so surely their attempt at terrorism had nothing to do with Islam, right? Wrong. Batiste specifically said they were fighting for Allah. Their targets? The Sears Tower in Chicago and numerous FBI offices. Their end goal? To create civil unrest that would lead to insurrection. But now the only insurrection they’ll be a part of is a prison riot.

“We need to make the people go crazy in the streets,” Batiste stated. “Allah is going to take over through us.” Look at that tolerance! Behold the overwhelming desire to “coexist” like your idiot leftist neighbor’s bumper sticker. In 2006, Batiste and his BFFs got in contact with an Arabic-speaking man they believed was linked to al Qaeda. He was really an undercover FBI informant. The group took an oath in Arabic pledging their loyalty to sheikh Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda. “I want to fight some jihad,” Batiste said. The informant showed the group pictures of possible targets, and the men selected the Sears Tower and multiple FBI buildings.

Shortly thereafter, the group was arrested. Batiste said he only went along because the informant had offered him money to aid in the plot, and that the money would go to his temple. If he were doing it for the money, why did he seem so zealous about waging jihad and causing chaos in the United States? Thankfully, the judge didn’t buy Batiste’s excuses and sentenced him to 13.5 years behind bars. I’d say it’s a century too short, but it’s a lot better than the pathetic sentences they give Muslims in the UK.

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Narseal Batiste

  1. I used to think that early Chritians calling Mohammad the antichrist was bonkers. Having read the Koran, I agree, and I,m not even religous.

  2. I know the only reason this amateur blogger out this article up is to mid-inform you and just repeat , what he summarized from another ill informed baby reporter . My father narseal fed the community out of his own pocket ! Taught the community martial arts and we where in the process of building a center for kids to come after school all for free … I had only one pair of shoes for an entire school year and was used to one meal a day. So before you try and implement you racist opinion I suggest you digg a little deeper and keep an open mind.PEACE AND BLACK POWER! FREE THE LIBERTY CITY 7 …. Smoke on that!

    • The charges, arrest, and sentence of this evil scumbag are a matter of public record. Narseal is where he belongs – prison. He’s a terrorist and should be shot.

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