Your Daily Muslim: Abu Hessa

Religion of peace, folks. Totally harmless and non-violent.

Religion of peace, folks. Totally harmless and non-violent.

“Oh nation of Islam, come to jihad. Oh nation of jihad, come to martyrdom. Allah said in the Qur’an: ‘Long for death, if you are truthful.'”

Waging jihad is all the rage these days among Muslims who grow tired of foaming at counterjihad pages on Facebook. A Kuwaiti Muslim who chose the kunya Abu Hessa is one such specimen. Hessa traveled to Syria to wage jihad for Allah. His end goal? The loss of his virginity at the hands of 72 virgins.

In a video, Hessa spoke against “Jewish dog[s],” and praised the virtues of “martyrdom” (read: splatter-painting with your charred intestines.) He claimed that Muslims from around the world should travel to Iraq and the Levant, since an Islamic state had been established there. Yet again, we see how Muslims want to integrate and coexist among other cultures.

Shortly thereafter, Hessa mounted his steed – or, more accurately, got into a truck. He then told the cameraman: “In the name of Allah the compassionate and merciful. Allah willing, I will drive this steed into the midst of the enemies of Allah. I ask Allah for success. I say to the corruptors that there are thousands like me, millions like me, who are waiting for cars to be loaded with explosives, so that they can thrust forward for the sake of Allah. By Allah, we will not be silent so long as our brothers are in prison, and our countries are ruled by a law other than the law of Allah. We have brought bombings upon you, oh accursed ones. We have brought TNT, explosives belts, rockets, and PKC machine guns upon you, and we will never stop, you dogs!” Wow. For one, what is compassionate or merciful about blowing people up, and why would a supposedly compassionate and merciful god approve of people who blow others up? As for thrusting forward for the sake of Allah – Muhammad, pigs be upon him, did plenty of that with his child bride Aisha.

“Tell my mother that her son has gone to Paradise, Allah willing, with a 1980 blue Mercedes lorry,” Hessa stated. He then went on to attempt to get 72 virgins. All he got was incinerated.

7 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Abu Hessa

  1. They will do ANYTHING to make the Muslim of the Month cutoff.

    • LMFAO!!! This one might get nominated for next month 😀

      • indeed! Perhaps you should use this to start off a laugh of the day/month thread. This is definitely a winner! I can barely wait to vote this one as muslim of the year, so that more will see this comment.
        By the way, would it be possible to put Muslim(s) of the Month as a separate item in the sidebar as well as under a category heading?

      • Geez, Leavit has some very high standards. For a Muzzie, equating a truck and and horse is very advanced. Both provide transportation via “horsepower”(sorry). Close enough for the Koran!!

      • I could add like a drop-down or something

  2. One more loon down, about a billion to go! I love how he thinks a truck is a steed, thank God no innocent horse was injured in his suicide.

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