Your Daily Muslim: Masoumeh Rahimi

Masoumeh Rahimi

Masoumeh Rahimi

Iranian toy seller Masoumeh Rahimi, like every fat and/or unattractive female on the planet, is jealous of Barbie. However, she decided to use her religion to craft her bitterness-fueled reasons for disliking the iconic plastic WASP. Rahimi, who wears the hijab, feels that Barbie is immodest since she does not cover her hair. She currently stocks halal versions of Barbie – in other words, cheap hijab-wearing knockoffs created by the Iranian government. The reason Rahimi is on here, however, is her absolutely histrionic reaction to the arrival and sale of Barbie products in Iran.

“I think every Barbie doll is more harmful than an American missile,” Rahimi stated. She believes the dolls will corrupt young girls’ values and cause them to stray from wearing the hijab (or worse.) From where I’m standing, I’d say Barbie has a better life than those Muslimah knockoff versions – no ninja costume, no weird daily rituals involving headbanging on the floor, and Ken instead of an impending arranged marriage. I hope all the girls in Iran who want an actual Barbie are able to get one. Forcing a plastic toy to be covered is downright absurd.

Rahimi also said that Barbie was “foreign to Iran’s culture.” Well, duh – Barbie has advanced past the 7th century.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Masoumeh Rahimi

  1. Great! Let’s just lob Barbies at ’em!

  2. If we lob Barbies at the Iranians I hope we also lob Kens at them in order to show how better off most couples are in the Western World Compaired to couples in the Muslim world.

  3. Her male cousins must have laid away in sheer terror thinking one of them would be forced to marry and have sex with her. If she’s not married, she had no male cousins who would submit. Who gets worked up over a doll and it’s hair, don’t these people have lives?

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