Your Daily Muslim: Hassan Mahati Omar and Fardosa Mohammed Abdi

The unhappy couple in court.

The unhappy couple in court.

When people talk about couples “blowing up,” normally it involves an argument of some sort. This isn’t the case with Kenyan Muslim husband and wife Hassan Mahati Omar and Fardosa Mohammed Abdi. Omar is an imam. It is unknown what his ringwraith’s chosen career was (aside from jihadist.)

Kenyan police have been cracking down on terror suspects since the deadly Westgate mall attack last year. When police raided Omar and Abdi’s property, they discovered the couple were members of an al-Shabaab terror cell and were in possession of two hand grenades. I get the feeling those grenades weren’t old WWII antiques or something of that nature.

The Muslims were arrested and have been denied bail. Their defense? They claimed the grenades had been planted on their property. Yep, totally makes sense – people just manage to get into your house and leave grenades in it. Thankfully, Kenyans are waking up to the realities of Islam and aren’t giving any leeway to terror suspects like Omar and Abdi.

What’s also disturbing here is that Omar is an imam. He has devoted his life to the study of Islamic holy texts. Is he holding interfaith community outreach events? Nope; he’s planning on sending the kuffar to jahannam with hand grenades. Totally a religion of peace.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Hassan Mahati Omar and Fardosa Mohammed Abdi

  1. Its islamic outreach with hand grenades. Islam is truly the religion of pieces.

  2. As Islam continues to spread around the world, more and more places will wind up in pieces buth literally and figuratively. What makes situations like this very sad is that are so many non-Muslim idiots who believe this blatant liar! In many cases, it is not the idiots’ fault that they believe sliars like this one. The real blame for so many idiots in our world lies with the teachers and professors who dominate our colleges and universities and use their positions of authority to brainwash innocent and uninformed people into supporting our nation’s enemies. Like all brainwashers, these teachers and professors take advantage of people’s idealism and desire to create a better world and turn them into traitors against the country that gave them so much. If it were up to me, I would have all these brainwashers put on trial for turing people into terrorist enablers and have them executed for their horrendous crime!

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