Your Daily Muslim: Jannyce Nawal Aium (Part 2)

Ninja, Ringwraith, Dementor, bank robber...?

Ninja, Ringwraith, Dementor, bank robber…?

Last time Kenyan Muslimah Jannyce Nawal Aium was on here, she was raging about how falling in love is haram (forbidden) in Islam before going off the rails attacking counterjihad pages. Since then, Aium’s hatred of love has only grown as the realization she will be a bitter old spinster has dawned on her. Maybe her inability to meet a good man has something to do with that ridiculous ninja costume she’s wearing. Just saying, Jannyce, no one wants to marry someone who looks like a Dementor.

Aium believes that men and women should not have physical contact of ANY variety before marriage. Hey, Jannyce, how’s that working out for your sex life?

jannyce heartbreak

Sure, she might be following her religion to the best of her ability… but that’s probably why she’s still single. Instead of being willing to dump the ninja costume and dress like a normal person, Aium instead spends her time promoting the oppressive garment on all manner of social media platforms. I get the feeling she’d be having more fun if she were having sex, but she wouldn’t want to piss off her invisible sky-friend… it looks like Tumblr will claim the late, lonely nights of yet another socially-awkward single female. Oh, the humanity!

Aium is a convert to Islam. She thinks that, by donning the ridiculous black bedsheet she wears, she is somehow fulfilling her obligation to the divine. If an all-powerful deity who made humanity wanted women to cover themselves, why didn’t he cover them by design?

Aside from having jihadist friends on Facebook and promoting an unhealthy view of relationships and human interaction, here are a couple more gems from the completely stable Aium:

jannyce death

She really should not ask a gay man this next question… also, WTF?!

jannyce meat

6 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Jannyce Nawal Aium (Part 2)

  1. I think she is sexualy frustrated.

  2. Jannyce, Jannyce. A womans beauty like the flowers was meant by God to brighten the world. Renounce Allah. He is the Shatan in disguise.

  3. She’s excited by raw meat, talks about death etc. She’s definitively a Nazgul!

  4. She better hope one of her cousins converts to Islam or she’s going to be SOL as far as a man goes, poor dear. All sexual frustration wrapped in a dirty dark sheet, or death shroud because she’s fun like that on top of everything else she doesn’t have going for her. Sad.

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