Your Daily Muslim: Armaghan Binehsan and Fozail Mehsud Ahmed

Binehsan (L) and Mehsud (R)

Binehsan (L) and Ahmed (R)

One cannot expect a calm reaction from Muslims when faced with a simple phrase like “F**k Allah and Muhammad.” Pakistani Muslims Armaghan Binehsan and Fozail Mehsud Ahmed demonstrated their peaceful nature when faced with a page of that name.

Before we dive into the foam, let’s look into these Muslims, both of whom are estimated to be in their late teens. Binehsan posts periodic selfies and expresses an interest in anime. Fairly normal for a teenage boy, even a Muslim one. His Facebook profile has no indications of a proclivity for violence or for Islamic extremism.

Ahmed is much stranger. It’s like he thinks Facebook is MySpace or something; he is trying to collect followers like people used to collect MySpace friends. To do this, he used pictures of attractive male models and various other guys, likely taken from gay Tumblr blogs. A Muslim looking at porn even though it’s haram? Never would’ve guessed. Now, Ahmed is using his own picture on Facebook and is seething with rage at the offenses committed against his psychopathic imaginary friend.

Here’s the foam this dastardly duo unleashed upon the Facebook page “F**k Allah and Muhammad.” I reckon these two have forgotten the various islamic prohibitions against premarital sex, particularly sodomy. There are so many things wrong with the statements made by these Muslims I’m just going to let your jaw drop without further exposition.









9 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Armaghan Binehsan and Fozail Mehsud Ahmed

  1. I really am speechless……though, on reflection, it is much more than I expect from brainwashed young Islamites…..

    (My health is improving, though I am still in the daily care of wonderful Nurses and Doctors……..)

    Regards to all…..

  2. Jesus said that fig trees can only produce figs, so you’ll always know a tree from the fruits it produces. Islam produces death, not life. It can never produce anything but death. (Matthew 7:15-23)
    (Yes, I just plagiarized myself. I’m lazy this morning.)

  3. Wow, these two Muzzies are very motivated to make the Muzzie of the Month nominations. However, while they are obviously anxious to put their junk almost everywhere, the lack of gay and Jew bashing is surprising. Perhaps their little minds can’t incorporate any additional thoughts while pondering their little weenies

  4. muhammad and allah must be sued for the idiocy and propensity to lie of those two! (and for the deeds of their other mental slaves).

  5. Could someone please back their face book accounts,blaspheme against Allah and rob them into the Muslim authorities? Please

  6. One of them can use every swear word in the book but can’t write the words SEX or Sexism Hahahhaaha! OMG two of the saddest little virgins, except with each other, shhhh we won’t tell your Mosque buddies. Honestly, no wonder all of them are on the dole, they are nearly out of high school and they write and think like 6 year old children. Are all Muslims so childish and venal, and if they are what constitutes good Muslim boys, what are the really rotten ones like? What a couple of sad, sad turds.

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