Your Daily Muslim: Andrea Raftis

Headbags, regardless of color, will never be fashionable.

Headbags, regardless of color, will never be fashionable.

UK Muslim convert Andrea Raftis is yet another victim of the Islamic process known as “love jihad.” Love jihad is when Muslim men try to seduce non-Muslim women into marrying them and churning out little Muslim babies. Of course, to marry a Muslim, one must convert to Islam. That’s exactly what Raftis did – and soon found herself in over her head. But, as it turns out, she’s probably just as bad of a person as her husband.

Raftis and her husband decided the best way to make money was by conning British taxpayers. She and her husband fudged numbers on welfare forms and ended up claiming £37,000 in benefits – which they used to travel to places like Egypt. I’m guessing she felt as though she wouldn’t be charged because it’s “racist” to accuse Muslims of wrongdoing.

When she was caught, she immediately began to play the victim. She claimed her husband was domineering (as many Muslim men are) and forced her to join in his foul scheme. This may not have been the case, however, because her husband allowed her to take selfies and wasn’t particularly strict about her wearing loose-fitting clothing to protect her modesty, so him being forceful in other areas doesn’t entirely add up. Raftis did, however, wear the Islamic headbag. She was sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for two years.

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  2. Why do these idiot women fall for these morons? I thought if a woman had free choice in marriage they would select someone with income and prospects. There should be a Muslim helpline to provide information to these high school drop outs!

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