Your Daily Muslim: Naima Rharouity

Naima Rharouity

Naima Rharouity

Aside from being an oppressive eyesore, the Islamic ninja costume is also a safety hazard. 47-year-old Moroccan Muslimah Naima Rharouity, a resident of Montreal, found that out the hard way. Rharouity was at a metro station and got on an escalator. She didn’t think that choosing to take the escalator would be the last decision she’d make.

On the trip down, part of Rharouity’s headbag (and the hair inside it) got caught in part of the escalator. Not realizing this had happened, Rharouity continued her fateful voyage until she reached the end. She realized her droopy headbag and another part of her outfit had gotten caught in the escalator and tried to get it out. Suddenly, Rharouity felt the force of the escalator pull sharply down on the back of her head. At that point, it was too late. The force alone likely caused trauma to Rharouity’s neck. The resulting impact of her head on the floor jarred the mother of two, and the cloth stranglehold around her neck grew tighter as the escalator belt continued to pull, suffocating her. The official cause of death was a “traumatic brain injury,” likely from her fall. Rharouity’s family is still mourning the unexpected loss.

Now, if this isn’t enough of a wake-up call to Muslimahs everywhere, I’m not sure what would be. Tarainia McDaniel and all other pro-hijab activists should take note: it’s only a matter of time before another freak accident like this occurs because of this absurd garment. Muslimahs, it’s time to ditch the hijab and rock this century’s fashion.

5 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Naima Rharouity

  1. This isn’t so much a normal YDM, more like a Darwin Award. But. If the shoe fits…

  2. He he he,excuse me but that is a terrible way to die. However why was she in a western country and using advanced technology like an escalator?

  3. Wearing circus tents as clothing because someone might see your leg or arm can be deadly outside of rural mud villages, and near anything mechanical. I bet these women die so often in their own countries that it doesn’t even make the news anymore. Or no one cares that they are dying because of the costumes they are forced to wear, as long as no one sees a square inch of you outside your home, and it’s not an adoptee inside your own home.

  4. How long before one of paedo-worshippers demand all escalators be banned (with the relevant hadith to justify their oh-so moderate demand too)?

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