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Your Daily Muslim: Mohammad Noor Abdullah

He looks WAY too happy here...

He looks WAY too happy here…

Former Malay Court of Appeals judge Mohammad Noor Abdullah has all sorts of grudges – against Hindus, Buddhists, and apparently the Chinese. The middle-aged Muslim has been at the heart of many recent controversies, all of which somehow stem from his intolerance. Totally out-of-the-ordinary for a Muslim.

After Chinese (and Malay) voters turned out in favor of a candidate Abdullah opposed, he threatened the Chinese with “Malay backlash,” completely ignoring Malay support for said candidate. “The Chinese betrayal towards the Malay’s hand of friendship – that is true,” Abdullah stated. “Because they plotted to seize political power even though they already have economic power.” Of course, the threat of “backlash” was not well-received.

Abdullah has also spoken favorably of Islamic supremacism. In a case involving mixed-faith parents battling over child custody, Abdullah argued that the case should be adjudicated in sharia court. Malaysia has concurrent legal systems; both sharia and secular courts exist in the nation. “You forgot that Islam is the religion of the state,” Abdullah said of the custody battle. “It puts Islam at a different level.” Yet again, we don’t see Islam trying to coexist and work within secular democracy; we see it trying to impose itself on top of secular law. Sounds like a religion that is willing to “coexist” like your idiot leftist neighbor’s bumper sticker.

Abdullah most recently stated that he believes large Hindu and Buddhist statues should be removed because they are offensive to Muslims. Apparently followers of other religions are supposed to be OK with huge masjids, but it’s fine if Muslims get offended by other religions’ icons. Totally not a double standard at all. “With such a huge statue, you’re showing that your religion is almighty and powerful,” Abdullah said. Uhh, duh – that’s why people believe in religions, because they think their religion is the true one. So, in Abdullah’s world, it’s reasonable for Muslims to think their religion is powerful and express it, but not afford other religions the same freedom. “When non-Muslims build such big idols, it hurts people’s feelings,” Abdullah continued. Gee, I totally don’t see any correlation between Abdullah’s insecurity about the giant statues and his genital inadequacy.

Abdullah went on to claim that “Muslims feel threatened” by other religions’ idols. Maybe if Muslims weren’t paper-skinned pansies, they’d accept religious equality in society. And the irony of claiming Muslims feel threatened is priceless – how does any apostate or other non-Muslim feel in a Muslim area? Threatened. “Islam forbids images [of gods]. Here, you allow images of Buddha in the country. That’s not consistent with Islam. But if you cover it up, you can allow it.” Oh, just like you do with your women? Maybe you should cover up your minarets instead of asking other religions to surrender their freedoms. The moral of the story is: once you let sharia in, it will grow until it pushes all other religions out. Resist Islam.

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