Your Daily Muslim #501: Sabreena Sadaf (Part 3) (Daily Double)

Sabreena Sadaf

Sabreena Sadaf

I figured y’all would want to see what Pakistani Muslimah and YDM fan favorite Sabreena Sadaf has been up to. There are more screenshots of her rage on her unofficial fan page; I just thought these were the most hilarious. She’s gone from full-on caps-lock rage to asylum-esque rambling about an alleged encounter she had with the Antichrist.

In this post, we learn about Sabreena’s crazy beliefs regarding the Antichrist in Islamic holy texts, her thoughts on porn sites, and we get to hear her describe gay sex. ENJOY!






Breastfeeding? Huh? What would that do? I know Islam has weird rules about it, but I’m a grown man… maybe it’s one of those weird camel-piss-esque pseudoscientific gimmicks Muslims espouse.


That makes absolutely ZERO sense, but it’s Sabreena; you can’t expect her babbling to be coherent in the slightest.





If you needed any more evidence she is 100% out of her mind:


Here, she goes off on a weird tangent about the unofficial fan page I made for her.


4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #501: Sabreena Sadaf (Part 3) (Daily Double)

  1. Seriously, why do you even bother communicating with this intellectually challenged and calorie enhanced individual? Her rants are just that, rants and they make even less sense than other mooslims you have previously posted here. Lets hope she never procreates. A matching outfit with a stuffed tiger, that says it all.

  2. I’m confused by her cheap setting and the bars on the windows, is she in a mental hospital? That would explain her cousins not marrying her, and being about 35 and unwed, she’s locked up for her many mental disorders. Sad chubby woman with a nasty attitude and dirty mouth no man could or would ever love, not to mention her own immodesty of showing her face, as some sort of advert for herself online but what she needs to do is cover that shit up, she’s not good looking or even passable even in her own unfortunate country. Sure she met the anti christ, in the mirror every morning. Nutjob.

  3. […] of banging, here’s how Ismaeel described gay sex. This is, like Sabreena Sadaf‘s description, comical in its own right. “Lesbianism means one woman doing to another […]

  4. Wonderful website. Remember that phrase the devil that proud spirit cannot bear to be mocked.And neither can they poor lambs

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