Your Daily Muslim #503: Abu Talha al-Almani

All the irony.

All the irony – an image of al-Almani from 2011.

“My duty is to use my voice for telling people the truth, and the truth is, jihad is a duty.”

The myth that jihad violence is perpetrated by the impoverished who feel they have nothing to lose is completely false. As today’s daily Muslim shows, even those with music careers make the voyage to the lands of jihad to try to slaughter the kuffar. Meet German (c)rapper Deso Dogg, born Denis Mamadou Gerhard Cuspert. He had a Facebook page with more followers than the YDM Facebook page and had some name recognition in the German rap community. That didn’t matter to Cuspert, who decided to take on the kunya (assumed name) of Abu Talha al-Almani and travel to Syria to wage jihad. So much for that whole “I’m Muslim, not a terrorist” schtick.

al-Almani wasn’t always a jihadist. Even in Germany, the culture of gangsta (c)rap lives on, and al-Almani spent years looking and acting the part to further his career. He even got tattoos saying “STR8 THUG” on his fingers. Now, these are his thoughts on his ink: “This is from the days when I lived the life of an unbeliever. Allah will erase them from me one day.” Perhaps his precious imaginary friend did erase them – it’s unknown exactly how whole al-Almani’s body is.

During the later years of al-Almani’s (c)rap career as Deso Dogg, his lyrics became increasingly jihadist in nature. Here’s a little bit of the brand of Islamic peace present in his lyrics: “I light the bomb in the middle of the crowd, I press the button. Right in the city center or in the subway, press the button, al-Jannah, al-Jannah.” Yep, totally not a terrorist. al-Almani’s lyrics have also claimed that mujahideen are waging war against the Shaytaan (devil) and said that sheikh Osama bin Laden’s “name flows in our blood.”

al-Almani was once arrested on weapons charges for an unauthorized firearm and ammunition. He was fined, but not put behind bars. His music gradually shifted from (c)rap to Islamic jihadist nasheeds, which many of his fans really got into, including lines like “I long for for death and can not wait for it, armed with bombs and grenades.” Even his voicemail message, instead of being convoluted and creative like Archer’s, was blatantly militant in nature: “The martyrdom is the most beautiful. Allahu Akbar!” I thought sex was easily available in the hip-hop/(c)rap culture… why would a (c)rapper go for 72 virgins?

To get his virgins, al-Almani traveled to Syria, where he served alongside his fellow virgin-seekers for many months. On April 20, 2014, he was killed by a suicide bomber from another jihadist group. Turns out that when you have large numbers of Muslims who all want to die so they can finally get laid, some of them are going to target each other instead of the kuffar.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #503: Abu Talha al-Almani

  1. He da bomb, literally.

  2. “I’m a muslim so I’m a terrorist” it’s what that poster should say

    When you are a thug (a psychiatric patient or a sexual deviant -pedophile) it’s seems that becoming muslim is the natural path to follow

    But it’s good that this piece of garbage is dead now and that he won’t show up in a non-muslim country anymore

    I wonder if this miscreant is enjoying his quality time with muhammad in hell right now

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