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Your Daily Muslim #508: Mohamed Hassan Hersi

Mohamed Hassan Hersi being approached by a ninja

Mohamed Hassan Hersi being approached by a ninja

Somali Muslim Mohamed Hersi just loves to play the victim. The problem is, he’s a terrible actor who can’t make a convincing case to save his life. Hersi, who lives in Canada, is the latest in a long line of Muslims whose jihadist intentions were brought to light by undercover police officers posing as radical Muslims. He was arrested for allegedly stating he wanted to go to Somalia to wage jihad with terror group al-Shabaab, but then did a 180 at his trial, attempting to denounce the group which he obviously wanted to join.

Despite his claim of not wanting to join a jihad group, Hersi still wanted nothing to do with ultra-liberal, tolerant Canada, where hijabis say they are treated with more respect when wearing the headbag than not. That narrative didn’t fit with Hersi’s goal of playing the victim, but who needs reality when you have the “cry discrimination and get out of jail free” card that Muslims keep up their sleeve at all times? He said “Islamophobia” was prevalent in Canada and he wanted to escape it. “I felt that throughout my time in Canada I felt a lot of discrimination, whether because I’m black or I’m Muslim. I felt that if I lived in a Muslim country, I probably would not experience Islamophobia.” No, you wouldn’t, but you would join in a raucous cacophony of infidelophobia, which is far worse. At his trial, Hersi he opposed al-Shabaab’s barbarism, a lie which becomes apparent when you look at Hersi’s history.

The evidence against Hersi is rather strong; he searched for things such as “Somalia AK-47 cost,” and had downloaded al Qaeda publications. He was Facebook friends with a known al-Shabaab jihadist. But despite all the factors indicating his desire to join the group, Hersi still vehemently denies the charges against him. His trial is still ongoing.

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