Your Daily Muslim #510: Juweria Khalid

Juweria Khalid

Juweria Khalid

Many Muslimahs (and infidels pretending to be Muslimahs) use ridiculous Islamic garments as a method to conceal stolen items. Others, like New York Muslimah Juweria Khalid, prefer to engage in more traditional methods of sketchy “shopping.” Khalid was shopping for herself and her two children at Macy’s when she saw some earrings she liked. She had just finished purchasing a bracelet from the store’s jewelry department and didn’t want to deal with the checkout process again. So what did she do with the earrings to make herself seem totally not suspicious? Stuffed them in her purse, of course.

Macy’s loss prevention staff stopped the suspected thief and took her to a detention area, which Khalid described as being like a jail. The two-months-pregnant Khalid allegedly told the loss prevention staff she was going to pay for the earrings on the 7th floor, where she had been heading to shop for her children. The employees had heard tons of claims like hers before, so they kept Khalid in the little holding area because, let’s be honest, it looked like she was shoplifting (which she possibly was.)

While in the detention chamber, Khalid was forced to remove her hijab because Macy’s personnel believed she may have been hiding more unpaid-for items in it. She was forced to pay a $500 fine to the store before being released. The criminal case against her was thrown out for insufficient evidence.

However, there’s more to this story. Khalid was two months pregnant when she was detained for shoplifting. She lost the baby a few days thereafter. She believes the stress from being held in the chamber caused her to lose the child.

Now, Khalid is suing the retail giant over her nearly day-long ordeal. Her lawyer, who is taking up many plaintiffs in his case, spouted a bunch of left-wing nonsense to try to spin the case to be about alleged racism/Islamophobia instead of apparent shoplifting: “They’re preying on the most innocent people on our society. People of color, often people from out of the country, often people who don’t speak English or speak English well. There’s a big problem at Macy’s with who they stop, why they stop them and the cover up after the fact to justify the stop.” Well, good luck proving that racism motivated the trained loss prevention staff’s actions… oh wait, if the judge is a liberal, lack of evidence be damned.

6 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #510: Juweria Khalid

  1. Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.

  2. What, no Winona Ryder reference? I’m shocked, I tell you. Just shocked.

  3. Your hatred of liberals is alienating me. I am FULLY aware of the threat of Islam, more than most people, since I’ve studied it for 20 years.

    I remain a liberal. Liberals are supposed to be people who acknowledge facts, after doing their homework on the subject, even if those facts are abhorrent. Thus I acknowledge the fact of the threat Islam poses to humanity itself.

    By denigrating liberals this way, you are limiting your supporters to right-wingers. And by promoting this kind of prejudice, you hardly can claim to have any standing on the subject of objectivity regarding Islam – or anything else.

    You’ve now given me great cause to doubt the objectivity of everything on this site. I don’t like having to do that, because I think your reporting of atrocities is being done methodically and accurately. It is important work, that somebody ought to be doing. But now, how can I be sure of your motives and lack of bias? There is no way for me to recognize where your bias manifests itself. I end up having to distrust all of it. Very much against my will, too.

    By injecting your strong political hate, you are defeating the very purpose for this site.

    I now have to look for another site that doesn’t drag hate and partisanship into the issue.

    • It’s a personal site. I’m going to comment politically where I feel it is appropriate. As for liberals such as yourself – I commend you for being part of a very small minority within the left that recognizes Islam for what it is.

  4. I’m a liberal as well, but I understand (I believe) what you are trying to say Hunter, but we liberals clearly see the problem. There might be a confusion between the terms in Western countries as well which is why I don’t mind much. Unlike the theft loss department of Macy’s, because if you have unpaid for items in your purse, secreted away, you are a thief. Hands cut off? Young mother who wanted free earring shouldn’t steal and then she wouldn’t have to sit all day with her cranky children. I hope she gets not one dime for being a thief and then possibly killing her own unborn child, if that was the cause, because she couldn’t help stealing. Shame on her, and her children witnessed her thievery and lying. They need to shop in their own stores if they are covered up, or buy online where no one gets hurt by their treachery in public. Notice she didn’t follow Allah or his teachings, hypocrite.

    • They’re only devout when it suits them – which normally involves whenever they commit some sort of crime against the kuffar. Thankfully, all department store owners in the area are now surely aware of her… then again, there’s always the niqab to solve that problem 😦

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