Your Daily Muslim #512: Lisa Miedah Valentine

Lisa Miedah Valentine looking like she's going to a funeral

Lisa Miedah Valentine looking like she’s going to a funeral

Georgia Muslimah Lisa Valentine, who also goes by her Islamic name, Miedah, caused quite a stir at a courthouse. She appeared in front of a judge for a traffic citation wearing a headbag (hijab.) When a bailiff asked to have the garment checked as she entered the courtroom to ensure there was nothing dangerous inside it, Valentine erupted into a flurry of expletives and wild accusations.

Instead of complying with the demand, which seems reasonable considering the need for security measures at courthouses, Valentine started shrieking about “discrimination,” and repeatedly called the demand “bullshit.” The female bailiff blocked Valentine’s entry into the courthouse before summoning a male police officer. He grabbed the resistant Valentine by the arm, who pulled away. Valentine also screamed at the bailiff, accusing the judge of being racist. “So he’s like grabbing me and bending my arm, like you see people who are resisting arrest, and trying to get really physical with me,” Valentine recounted. “Then I said, ‘OK, OK,’ and I let them put the handcuffs on me.”

Valentine then told courtroom personnel she would be willing to have a female officer check under hear hijab to ensure there was nothing inside it. This seems odd, considering she refused to remove it for the female bailiff shortly before. When the judge heard what had happened just outside the courtroom, he sentenced Valentine to ten days behind bars for contempt of court. Her mugshot was taken without her hijab.

Cue the ACLU, CAIR, the ADL, and the NAACP. They took up Valentine’s case, which resulted in “sensitivity training” for Georgia police. Yet again we see more political correctness being shoved down our throats at the likely expense of reasonable safety protocol. If I ever go to court, I’ll wear a ski mask and insist it’s my religious head covering that courtroom staff can’t look under for fear of my modesty being violated.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #512: Lisa Miedah Valentine

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  2. In a sane country, she would have been taken out back and had the damn laundry taken off her head with a baton.

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