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Your Daily Muslim #515: Abdul Waheed Majid

Abdul Waheed Majid

Abdul Waheed Majid

UK Muslim Abdul Waheed Majid’s sex life was lacking. However, the West Sussex resident knew the perfect remedy: 72 virgins in jannat al-firdaus (Islamic heaven.) His one problem was finding a way to get there. For a Muslim’s shahada (martyrdom) to be accepted, he or she must shed his or her blood on the field of battle, waging jihad for Allah. To get to such a battlefield, Majid traveled to Syria to join the ranks of the mujahideen there.

Majid took on the kunya (assumed name) of Abu Sulayman al-Britani before meeting up with numerous other jihadists in the land he was determined to die in. They had a fun time playing dress-up with various suicide vests and possibly even the traditional Islamic ninja costume. However, it soon became time for business. The target was a prison in the city of Aleppo which housed many mujahideen. Majid felt it was his destiny to free his “brothers” in Islam – by driving a truck loaded with explosives into the side of the prison and detonating it. It is unknown how many casualties resulted from the bombing.

Watch the “martyrdom operation”:

Majid lived in the UK – could your Muslim neighbor follow in his footsteps? He had a decent life, but his religion was all it took to compel him to go out with a bang.

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