Your Daily Muslim #516: Abu Fateh al-Danmarki

Islam: the religion of peace.

Islam: the religion of peace.

Simply being around the violent seventh-century ideology of Islam can prove harmful to one’s health. It has a contagious effect among weak minds, luring those frail of psyche into its clutches and sending them off to get 72 imaginary virgins. Such is the case of what happened to ADD-suffering social outcast Victor Kristensen of Denmark, whose friend Abu Abdul Wadood was able to convert him from Christianity to Islam.

After tricking Kristensen’s gullible mind into believing ancient child-porn fairytales with the promise of finding a new community of friends, Wadood began his real mission: making a mujahid (jihadist.) Of course, with Kristensen’s mind as open to suggestion as it was, this was a fairly simple task. Wadood invited Kristensen to a notoriously radical mosque in the city of Aarhus. Shortly after he began attending the mosque, he disappeared. A year later, he returned to his former circles, who didn’t recognize him as the Victor Kristensen they once knew. In fact, he even took on a new name (kunya) – Abu Fateh al-Danmarki. According to Wadood, al-Danmarki quickly took to the extremist teachings of his new religion and couldn’t wait to put them into practice – waging jihad.

al-Danmarki and Wadood had originally planned to perform their jihad in Syria. They told a few people at their mosque of their plans and intentions, but those plans soon changed upon their arrival. Wadood and al-Danmarki met up with fellow mujahideen (jihadis) from ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq & Sham/Syria) in Syria, who had a different destination in mind for them: Iraq.

In Iraq, before plotting how they would get their shahada (martyrdom,) the mujahideen spent plenty of time taking pictures and playing dress-up in Iraqi military uniforms. al-Danmarki was assigned the task of carrying out a suicide bombing in the city of Taji. It is unknown how many casualties resulted from the bombing. Wadood also perished; there are no further details on his death. Jihadist forums tend not to be the most descriptive of sources. Here’s the totally not homoerotic statement a fellow made about al-Danmarki (typos have been corrected for clarity): “He was brother with beautiful smile and full of nur [light] over his face… and every time there was an operation he was one of the first to run to get his place in that operation.. Handsome brother with amazing akhlaq [virtue] and hayaa [revulsion to sin].. Allahu akbar… They [al-Danmarki and Wadood] are together flying in jannah inshallah inside green birds.. with shahada day one.” It is believed to have been Wadood who said the following of al-Danmarki: “All he thought about was how to please Allah so he could enter Paradise after his death!!” Allah sounds really high-maintenance if he needs to be “pleased” all the time…

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #516: Abu Fateh al-Danmarki

  1. Ooooh! Tuff guy! Al Danmarki? I get it–but what a STUPID name!

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  3. Can you do a much needed piece on the plague in Denmark aka Palestinian media whore, Asmaa Abdol Hamid (her Brother, tarek abdol hamid has a criminal record for savagely attacking and beating up a female outside a club for saying no to him but now he’s married a convert and become all “religious” – but of course) (and her sisters aspire to be media whores seeking out the media and public appearences). She is meant to be known for politics but instead known for not shaking hands with men (though she used to before going into politics) and wearing a headscarf.

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