Your Daily Muslim #517: Zaheeda Abdullah

Zaheeda Abdullah. This photo was not taken on Halloween.

Zaheeda Abdullah. This photo was not taken on Halloween.

The couple that cray crays together, stays together. Or at least that’s how South African-born Muslimah Zaheeda Abdullah’s marriage to Abdul Salam Mahmoud (from YDM 514) would have you believe. Abdullah is all kinds of warped in the head, claiming that Islam supersedes feminism and that her goal is “martyrdom.” Aside from being a winner in the intellectual reasoning department, she’s also clearly a 10 on the 10-point scale – hence why she hides behind a niqab, which she hopes to soon turn into a burqa.

The full burqa must be all the rage this season...

The full burqa must be all the rage this season…

Abdullah openly supports the jihad in Syria, which she and her husband joined a few months ago. She prays for the “martyrs” and believes they are each receiving 72 virgins in jannat al-firdaus (Islamic heaven.) She also asked Allah to protect those fallen mujahideen from slander – well, clearly Allah doesn’t give a crap because this site is all over them this week.


Here’s some more weird rhetoric from Abdullah, who is black:

Muslims still hate the president of the US even if many accuse him of being a Muslim.

Muslims still hate the president of the US even if many accuse him of being a Muslim.

This next one is a bit of a mystery. Feminist ideology states that women should be afforded the same rights and societal considerations as men. Seems difficult to disagree with. However, Abdullah isn’t a fan. She thinks regressive Islamic teachings, which have not advanced past the 7th century, are more important than an ideology which defends her rights and worth as a human being.


Here’s some more ridiculousness from this backward Muslimah. As you can see, Islam is completely compatible with our free, secular values:


It gets even more absurd. In Syria, clashes with government forces and other jihadist factions are commonplace. Instead of wishing for an end to the violence, Abdullah morbidly asks her imaginary friend to give his “slaves” (read: mentally ill people who share the same delusion of a psychopath named Allah in the sky) martyrdom. Her prayer suggests she would rather see Muslims die than renounce violent jihad.


Last but not least, Abdullah demonstrates the growing resistance against the few moderate Muslims out there. She also criticizes music and calls women who wear the hijab (headbag) but show their faces “dressed but naked.”


4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #517: Zaheeda Abdullah

  1. Barking mad rants.

  2. What the hell is wrong with the author of this post?!! She has done nothing wrong and is not crazy. You guys are the ones with loose screws…

  3. […] wife, Zaheeda Abdullah, who is also in Syria, is set to excrete her spawn in a matter of weeks. Had Mahmoud and his wife […]

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