Your Daily Muslim #518: Sardar Khan

Sardar Khan

Sardar Khan

When a 15-year-old girl walked into a candy shop in Stretford, UK, she didn’t expect the experience would be less than sweet. However, she didn’t know that the employee, Sardar Khan, who had always been friendly to her on previous visits, would suddenly turn monstrous.

Khan offered to take the girl into the store’s back rooms so she could get a tour of sorts. What Khan wanted was a tour of her vagina. When the two were alone, what had been a friendly relationship before with casual hugging turned into the girl’s nightmare. Khan groped her and held her against her will. She managed to get free and fled the premises.

The girl ran and told a cop about the incident. Khan was arrested and charged with four counts, including sexual assault. He was found not guilty of all but the sexual assault. Guess how much time Khan spent behind bars?

That’s right, none. Khan was put on probation for a year and was given 120 hours of unpaid work. The judge said that he believed Khan was “generally a hard-working and diligent man.” I’m assuming the emphasis was on the “hard.” Khan’s defense attorney noted that his client was now married. A sexual predator getting married… gee, I wonder if that marriage was arranged?

Yet again, we see a Muslim more or less get away with sexual assault in the UK… and Muslims say that Islam teaches them to respect women. There’s a growing amount of evidence that says otherwise, including Islamic scriptures.

5 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #518: Sardar Khan

  1. Someone needs to remove his joystick; preferably with a hacksaw.

  2. @CronoT
    I assume no anesthetic required?

  3. I might just find pay his sweet shop a visit. And the killers of Charlene Downes. It’s bad enough the jury failed to reach a verdict. The fact crown prosecution ‘lost’the evidence is bad enough, but they were awarded 250 grand each and allowed to keep their kebab shop where they murdered a 14 yr old girl and turned her into kebabs along with possibly a 15 yr old? There was no media coverage of this. Its sickening what’s happening to this country

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