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Your Daily Muslim #519: Muhammad Shahid Alam

Muhammad Shahid Alam speaking about censorship of Islamophobia to a totally interested class

Muhammad Shahid Alam speaking about censorship of Islamophobia to a totally interested class

“If you are a political figure, they think it is fatal if someone calls them anti-Semitic. But if you are an academic, if you are an activist, if they call you [an anti-Semite], wear that as a sign of distinction. This proves that I am working for the right side, for the just cause.”

With Muslims, tolerance is a one-way street. They expect the kuffar to respect and accept their stances without showing the same toward infidel views. One shining example of this phenomenon is Bengali-born (technically, it was East Pakistan at the time) economics professor Muhammad Shahid Alam of Northeastern University. Alam’s preferred issues of contention? Freedom of speech and the Israel-Palestine conflict.

On the issue of freedom of speech, Alam can dish it out, but can’t take it. Alam got his panties in a bunch when a counterjihad site aimed at exposing Islamism and anti-Semitism created a file on him. He felt it threatened his free speech… but oh wait, didn’t he explain how he was OK with counterjihadists’ voices being stifled in the increasingly hostile university climate? Again, one-way street. Here’s what he said about the site’s research on him: “I see it as a serious challenge, indeed, an affront, to academic freedom and freedom of speech in United States. By creating a dossier on professors who have written critically about Israel, they are inviting their colleagues and students to spy on them and perhaps harass them.”

You’re telling me left-wingers and Jew-haters don’t create websites to criticize pro-Israel professors? Don’t make me laugh. As for Alam’s claim of potential harassment – it is truly unfortunate that he received death threats; YDM condemns that behavior regardless who is making or receiving the threat. Making death threats is such a Muslim thing to do – I’ve received tons on this site alone. Threats stifle free speech, not exposing the truth about the intolerant views of certain professors. Plus, with Alam’s views out in the open, it might even encourage students to open debate or dialogue with him about Israel.

Here’s some of what Alam wrote about Israel: “In the 1890s… a small but determined cabal of European Jews proposed a plan to abrogate the history of global Jewish communities extending over millennia. They were determined to accomplish what the worst anti-Semites had failed to do: to empty Europe and the Middle East of their Jewish population and transport them to Palestine…” Uhh, it’s called Israel, for one. For two, the only thing that caused Jews to return to their homeland en masse (until this decade) was the holocaust… could Alam have been implying that this “small but determined cabal of European Jews” was responsible for the holocaust?

I leave you with this gem: “I have since been wondering why my suggestion that al Qaeda – like the American colonists before them – was leading an Islamic insurgency has provoked such a storm of vicious attacks. Are there no parallels between the two insurgencies?” I highly doubt any American colonists blew themselves up to get 72 virgins or “strike terror into the hearts of the enemies” (Qur. 8:59) like their pedophile prophet, pigs be upon him.

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