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Your Daily Muslim #522: Shabbir Vaziri

Shabbir Vaziri

Shabbir Vaziri

Like their precious prophet Muhammad, pigs be upon him, many Muslims like to get physical with little girls. Ausfailian sheikh Shabbir Vaziri is one such Muslim – except his preferred form of “getting physical” isn’t the same as his prophet’s. The sheikh was recently charged with aiding in female genital mutilation, most commonly performed on prepubescent girls. He is the first Ausfailian man to be charged with the crime. His victims? Two girls, age six and seven.

The girls’ mother was also charged. The extent of Vaziri’s involvement in the procedure is unknown, but it is known that he sanctioned the clitoridectomies, which were performed by a retired nurse from his mosque. After the procedure was finished and the girls’ ability to enjoy sex forever marred, Vaziri felt a sense of pride in upholding a barbaric practice argued by many Islamic scholars and clerics to be part of the sunnah of the prophet, pigs be upon him. However, when word of the procedure got out, police began to investigate.

Cue taqiyya from Vaziri. He repeatedly obfuscated and tried to prevent police from succeeding in their investigation, knowing the procedure was in violation of the law. However, despite his best efforts, the authorities built a case. The investigating officers said the chopping was performed for “cultural reasons.” What a load of politically-correct crap. The “culture” responsible is Islam. Until we are willing to get past being hyper-sensitive, abuses like female genital mutilation will continue across the west.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim #522: Shabbir Vaziri

  1. Australian police must be “racist” because musloids can never do anything wrong – they are bongo Allah’s favorite, after all!

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