Your Daily Muslim #527: Hasan Fidan

Hasan Fidan trying to clean up the evidence.

Hasan Fidan trying to clean up the evidence.

I don’t know what it is about UK Muslims and swans. For some reason, the poor birds have a hard time remaining whole in the company of Muslims. Hasan Fidan, 46, saw his prey through a fence. He climbed over the fence before pouncing on the unsuspecting bird. He then performed an act numerous Muslims have said they wish they could do to me.

Yep, he beheaded the swan at the base of its neck. Perhaps the swan was an infidel and Fidan was just following Qur. 8:12. He then stuffed the bird’s corpse into a backpack he was carrying and took the bloody mess home. Onlookers were shocked at the sight. Since no anesthetic was used on the bird and its neck was cut, the slaughter would more than likely be considered halal, albeit unconventional. When he arrived at his house, Fidan chopped the bird into even more pieces.

Fidan was traced back to his home, where the now-dismembered bird was discovered in his freezer. A court sentenced Fidan to a total of £215 in fines and court costs. Killing a swan carries a much steeper maximum penalty, but Muslims get away with pretty much whatever they want in the PC UK, hence the pathetic punishment. I think we’re already hearing the swan song of the UK’s justice system…

5 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #527: Hasan Fidan

  1. “I don’t know what it is about UK Muslims and swans. For some reason, the poor birds have a hard time remaining whole in the company of Muslims.”

    Swans (at least in England, not sure about the rest of the UK) are property of the crown. The “swan upping” (counting of the swans) still takes place as a ceremony in Southern England.

    So maiming swans is a way to express how much they care about their host country’s culture & traditions.

  2. The Refugee Resettlement Agencies, funded by our tax dollars, bring thousands of Muhammadans here every year.
    They don’t bring in Christians because the UN tells us who we can consider refugees.

  3. There isnt a true English person in the land besides a few numpties who would touch a swan! We know theyre property of the crown and well, they are cool fucking birds. In my local area its been happening where the swans are killed and took for food by foreigners (and not neccesarily muslims for a change). Yet abouot 6 weeks ago near my workplace a swan had found its way into the backstreets and thehe English people protected it till the relevent authorities came and picked it up. To kill a swan is essentially as much an insult to our country as pissing on the Kabbah would be to muslims…

    • @Scrotie,
      though do you know wether swans in the other parts of the UK are also property of the crown?
      Many Scots know that swans are property of the crown – in England but I haven’t met anyone who’d know about the rest of the UK and I have to admit that I don’t know either.

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