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Your Daily Muslim #529: Mufid Elfgeeh

Jihadi? Hippie? Both?

Jihadi? Hippie? Both?

Adherents of the religion of peace frequently demonstrate its teachings of tolerance. Take, for example, Mufid Elfgeeh, a Yemeni Sunni Muslim living in New York. He was following his precious Qur’an’s commands to fight the unbelievers – or, at least, those he considered unbelievers. To wage this jihad, Elfgeeh bought two handguns and silencers to go with them. Because, you know, peace and tolerance and all that good stuff.

Who would his targets have been? US soldiers returning home from the Middle East, as well as Shia Muslims. Many Muslims of other sects, mainly Sunnis, view Shiites as kuffar (infidels.) This often entails committing acts of violence against them. Thankfully, before Elfgeeh was able to take a life, the FBI swooped in and arrested him after having monitored his movements for over a year. He hadn’t gone through the proper channels to buy the silencers, so that was all they could arrest him for, but it was enough to get him put behind bars for the time being and get his jihad arsenal taken away.

Elfgeeh will appear in court within the week. Hopefully he does something about that ridiculous hippie hairstyle between now and then.

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