Your Daily Muslim #530: Abd al-Karim Fadhlallah

Abd al-Karim Fadhlallah

Abd al-Karim Fadhlallah

Lebanese Shia sheikh Abd al-Karim Fadhlallah has a few screws loose. Well, either that or he has a bizarre form of aphasia. The crazy cleric claimed that Native Americans spoke – wait for it – Arabic. Yep, because Arabs had totally made it across the Pacific and taught Native Americans their language before the Spanish. Fadhlallah’s definitely not trying to play up the importance and significance of his language one bit.

“It’s interesting to note that when Christopher Columbus went to America, in what language did he speak with the Indians?” Fadhlallah asked a panel. “It is said that the language they spoke with the Indians – and I have indisputable documentation of this at home… The intellectuals among the Indians spoke Arabic.” Indisputable evidence at home? Oh, so you conveniently can’t produce it? So we’re just supposed to take your word for it? Sorry, Fadhlallah, but those of us who aren’t gullible enough to believe a book is true because it says it is aren’t buying it. This assertion can definitely be filed under “most absurd Islamic claims.”

One thing Muslims like to accuse their eternal enemies the Jews of is being “slayers of prophets.” One, Muhammad totally had it coming. Two, that shit was like millennia ago; why does it matter now?! Here’s what Fadhlallah had to say about Jews: “We know that the Jews killed their prophets and distorted the Torah.” So what, even if they did distort the Torah? It’s their book, not yours.

“The Koran is great, may the whole world run according to it.” Yes, it’s great if you’re a pedophile, a warlord, or an anti-Semite. If you’re a decent human being, however, it’s a vile piece of hate literature that would better serve as kindling. What does Fadhlallah think of the west? He’s not particularly fond of it: “In the Western materialistic conception, the expression, “the most righteous among you,” does not exist. That is why it is a murdering, egotistical, corrupt concept, a concept of cold-blooded murder to serve their interests… Worse than that are the drugs, prostitution, and corruption targeted at destroying peoples and stealing their money for their interests.” I don’t think a Muslim has any right to criticize about cold-blooded murder. Muhammad, pigs be upon him, had entire tribes executed. He was far crueler than the west. As for drugs – we let people enjoy themselves here, as long as they do it responsibly. I don’t think that’s anything to feel ashamed of.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #530: Abd al-Karim Fadhlallah

  1. The spanish were the moors were they not? The moors were muslim. The moors learnt arabic after the arabs took over from a destabilised spanish tribes

  2. No American Indians spoke or wrote Arabic EVER, and besides being consummate liars for no other reason than a crowd of men is around listening to them lie, would anyone say something so very ignorant. This is simply untrue, never true. Columbus was a Sephardic Jew, he did not speak Spanish Moor or anything else except for Italian and Spanish. Jesus H Kreerist, how stupid people are for believing some blowhard wanking off in public, providing no proof, because there is no proof, because it’s a LIE? Shame on any Iman who knowingly lies and misinforms, which to me proves that every thing out of his mouth is a lie, and nothing he says can be believed even his knowledge of the Quoran. He’s a pathetic old man who is ignorant and an attention WHORE. Probably a regular WHORE as well. Dirty bastard. See, you can’t trust a word out these Muslim’s mouths. Honestly.

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