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Your Daily Muslim #531: Ahmad Zaki Arshad

Ahmad Zaki Arshad

Ahmad Zaki Arshad

Normally, old men don’t butt into others’ love lives. However, when you add Islam into the equation, they take it upon themselves to ensure all relationships are sharia-compliant. Enter Ahmad Zaki Arshad, deputy director of Malaysia’s Selangor Islamic Religious Department. Arshad (possibly pronounced “arse-hat”) recently became embroiled in controversy following a raid on a Hindu temple – to stop a wedding.

When Arshad heard that the bride in Malaysia was registered as a Muslim but was marrying a Hindu man, he and the Department sprung into action. Surely such an atrocity as a Muslim marrying a kafir could not go unpunished! Numerous sharia police burst into the temple and crashed the wedding. Arshad felt satisfied knowing he had been able to bring someone’s love life to the state of ruin his own is undoubtedly in. The woman told Arshad’s enforcers she had never been Muslim, and that she was in fact a practicing Hindu. However, that didn’t appease the zealous and totally tolerant Muslims. They plan on taking her to trial for such a horrible act as marrying a man whose religion is different than what her father tried to raise her in.

The case is going forward under Section 10 of the Sharia Criminal Enactment of Selangor, with the Department claiming it falls under the category of insulting or bringing disrepute to Islam. The bride is currently trying to clear her name and get her national registration fixed to reflect her religious views more accurately.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim #531: Ahmad Zaki Arshad

  1. Religion of peace? Religion of My Donkey’s Dick, more like.

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