Your Daily Muslim #534: Mohammed Yassin Yusuf

Mohammed Yassin Yusuf

Mohammed Yassin Yusuf

I’ve heard of hating your in-laws, but UK Muslim Mohammed Yassin Yusuf took it to another level. The 32-year-old Muslim may have been tempted by the 64-year-old stroke victim if he caught a glimpse of her hair, so his reaction was reasonable. The helpless woman, who had mobility and communication difficulties following her stroke, did not know what her son-in-law was about to do until it was too late.

Before she knew it, porn-addicted Yusuf had locked the door and was on top of her. He didn’t care that his 8-year-old twin sons could hear everything from the next room. He hit her repeatedly before starting to rape her. The assault was incredibly violent, with both the punches and the sexual violence causing the infirm victim to bleed. So much for the respect of women Islam claims it teaches. A caregiver then walked into the house. When Yusuf heard the entry, he ran downstairs to try to clean up. The caregiver saw he had numerous bloodstains on his hands and clothes, then rushed to call the police. Unfortunately, it was too late, and the woman later died from her injuries.

Yusuf was arrested for the crime thanks to the caregiver’s witness statement. The prosecutor stated that this was likely not Yusuf’s only assault on his mother-in-law, that he had targeted her previously knowing she wouldn’t be able to communicate what he had done to her. Yusuf was convicted of murder and sentenced to life behind bars. Unfortunately for him, there’s no porn in prison – for himself or his cellmates.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #534: Mohammed Yassin Yusuf

  1. one of the most disgusting individuals ever featuerd on here

  2. Oh well I think that Big Bubba will turn him Gay.

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