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Your Daily Muslim #535: Ahmad Aqleel

Ahmad Aqleel

Ahmad Aqleel

Maldivian Muslim Ahmad Aqleel is a shining paragon of tolerance. The wannabe hacker is one of a group of Muslims who seized control of a pro-tolerance Facebook group. The Maldives are facing a rising tide of Islamism, and the group, called “Colorless,” sought to promote peaceful coexistence. One slight problem with that – Islam cannot coexist with any other ideology.

The story of the group’s seizure doesn’t end there. Some of the hackers got in touch with their associates and began kidnapping members of the group. They forced the abductees to surrender their Facebook account info, and also accused them of homosexuality and blasphemy. You know, things we in the west don’t care about because neither is a big deal in a secular, civilized society. However, to seventh-century savages, opposition to savagery is all that it takes to be considered a target for an act of violence. It only gets worse from here.

The abducted Maldivians were then forced to convert to Islam by reciting the Shahada, or Islamic declaration of faith. They were also forced to recite passages from the hate book known as the Qur’an. Then, the alleged blasphemers were further interrogated at knifepoint about the identities and whereabouts of secular activists on Facebook. The kidnappers then sentenced their victims according to sharia for their crimes. It is believed those sentences have already been carried out.

Aqleel, after the group was taken over and its cover photo replaced with the black flag of Islam, posted the following:

Image found on JihadWatch

Image found on JihadWatch

Aqleel also posted this sarcastic message on his own Facebook wall, which was met with mixed reactions. For some reason, I get the feeling a civilized society is one that can have a conversation about blasphemy instead of one that kidnaps secular folk at knifepoint before killing them.


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