Your Daily Muslim #538: Mohammed Abd al-Sattar al-Sayyid

Mohammed Abd al-Sattar al-Sayyid

Mohammed Abd al-Sattar al-Sayyid

Welcome to Islamic Homophobia Awareness Week 2014! If you remember last year’s, the Muslims were all Muslim of the Month-worthy. I’m hoping to continue that tradition this year.

Mohammed Abd al-Sattar al-Sayyid, Syria’s Minister of Religious Endowments, has a problem with men using their… endowments. Well, unless the sex is between man and wife as permitted in the Qur’an. Likely not being well-endowed himself, al-Sayyid was interviewed for a TV program on which he waged verbal jihad against STDs. It’s quite possible he had a little run-in with a “souvenir” from a past encounter and now wishes to warn others. Either that or he’s a cockblocking douchebag. Or both.

“More people were killed by these [sexually transmitted] diseases than by wars,” al-Sayyid stated, ignoring the fact that billions have been killed in wars throughout history and that many STDs are not lethal. Then his train of thought really ran off the tracks. “The only reason for this is the straying from the divine way regarding fornication, and when I say fornication – ‘Do not even approach abomination’ – this means fornication, homosexuality, and all the sexual deviation it entails.” In Islam, zina (fornication) is punishable by death for the married and lashing for the unmarried. In the west, it’s harmless fun. As for STDs being divine retribution, that’s a ridiculous notion lacking any scientific basis. However, when dealing with the devout, logic (and all the infidels) be damned!

Of course, every Muslim on a tirade has to throw in some mention of murder. al-Sayyid did so by suggesting a rather gruesome way to curb the spread of STDs: “If only we had stoned everyone who had committed this abomination [fornication/homosexuality] – wouldn’t it have been better than letting these diseases infect others, spreading to millions around the world?” Yep, makes total sense. We should just kill everyone who has sex outside of marriage on the chance that they might communicate an STD. We should also kill everyone who drives in case they run someone over. al-Sayyid also doesn’t realize that we have treatments or therapies for most STDs. Turns out 21st century medicine is actually helpful, contrary to the beliefs of Islamists who just want excuses to call for mass murder.

al-Sayyid is currently still in office. Apparently a horrific gaffe (every word out of his mouth) wasn’t enough to get him ousted.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #538: Mohammed Abd al-Sattar al-Sayyid

  1. You meet a Muslim, you meet a liar. This is supposed to be an educated man people look up to, and like a good Muslim he lies to his people trying to manipulate them with completely erroneous information. STD’s have been around forever, only idiots and fools try to stop normal humans from having sex. Considering how child-like his audience he figures he’s got a fifty-fifty chance in scaring them out of doing something that is perfectly normal. That’s why their culture worldwide is filled with rapists, child molesters, and pederasts. Their religion creates a climate where perversions bloom unrestrained by normals social norms or behaviors.

  2. This reminds me of the blatantly propagandist ‘educational’ films made for & shown to students in public schools during the 1950’s & early ’60’s.

  3. […] Mohammed Abd al-Sattar al-Sayyid (538) – Syrian cleric who claims STDs like Syphilis and HIV/AIDS have killed more people than all wars combined. Also said “If only we had stoned everyone who had committed this abomination [fornication/homosexuality] – wouldn’t it have been better than letting these [sexually transmitted] diseases infect others, spreading to millions around the world?” […]

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