Your Daily Muslim #540: Muhammad Abid

Muhammad Abid is not today’s daily Muslim’s real name. Very little about him is known. However, I think this information is too important not to disseminate.

The Muslim who goes by Muhammad Abid on Facebook is a notorious report jihadist. Report jihad, for those unfamiliar, is when Muslims mass-report counterjihad pages in an effort to get them wrongfully taken down. Abid admins the Report Anti-Islamic Pages page, which grew rapidly within days of its creation. Abid’s page has even attracted the likes of YDM featuree Bilal Mohammed.


The Islam Exposed page in that screenshot is one of the largest surviving counterjihad pages on Facebook. Its main page had over 100,000 likes when it was taken down around the same time as the YDM Facebook page. It is unknown whether or not Abid had anything to do with the report jihad that was waged against YDM (every picture on the page was reported, yes, even the entire 2013 daily calendar), but his goal is clear: to suppress any criticism of Islam or Muhammad, pigs be upon him.

Abid is also a homophobe, as evidenced by his reply to a counterjihadist who stumbled across his page:

Homophobic slurs from a Muslim? No way!

Homophobic slurs from a Muslim? No way!

Then, the counterjihadist gave the Muslim a dose of reality. Abid’s attempt at a response is pathetic, being unable to refute the point that “blasphemy” is, in fact, victimless. Being offended by an insult against an imaginary entity does not make someone a victim, it makes them thin-skinned.


Sorry if your imaginary friend got its feelings hurt. Grow the f up, Abid, you’re an adult and need to stop wailing whenever someone says something you don’t like. Actually, all Muslims should take that advice.

5 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #540: Muhammad Abid

  1. The extraordinary thing is that to them it is sufficient to be “aginst” islam in order to be removed. Dissent is unwanted and must be suppressed.
    They absolutely cannot see that such an attitude confirms and justifies all opposition. I find the lack of imagination staggering.

    • Anyone who thinks that drinking camel piss is a reliable medical treatment lacks the critical thinking skills to be able to tie their shoes, much less make a necessary life decision about religion. I wouldn’t trust someone like that to be able to plan a trip to the grocery store.

  2. They can be blatantly homophobic, harassing and openly Jihadist, attempting to pull down pages pointing out their anti everyone but Muslims, but pointing out the truth gets your facebook page pulled down? Unbelievable. Shame on FB. I find it fascinating how completely interested they are in men who love men! Obsessed much? LOL. Pakistan downloads more gay porn than nearly all countries put together. Gay porn is one of the most downloaded things in Pakistan. My he’s such a go getter in life he spends his time monitoring what others actually accomplish! Keep spreading the truth!

  3. I pulled down my facebook pages and I’ve encouraged others to do the same, Facebook is an American corporation, publicly traded. We have free speech, and no one is being forced to read any page they don’t want to. Facebook needs to get their priorities straight or it will affect their bottom line.

    • I was tempted to do the same, but it’s fun to get on the outsourced (read: Moroccan Muzzer) customer care staff’s nerves. I’ve even seen screenshots of emails from Facebook staff telling Muslims to mass-report counterjihad pages. It’s absurd.

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