Your Daily Muslim #544: Saeful Sardi Jayadi and Didik Purwanto

He so does not have the body for porn...

He so does not have the body for porn…

Indonesian Islamic cleric Saeful Sardi Jayadi was at odds with his religion. Though he considered himself a devoted servant of the invisible sky-demon Allah, his body was telling him something wasn’t right with his oppressive faith. For example, why couldn’t he explore his kinks? What was so awful about his innate urges that made Allah declare them haram (forbidden)? One day, Jayadi’s iman (faith) caved… and he made evidence of it.

Of course, the sex tape of Jayadi having a threesome with two women was not well-received by his fellow Muslims. It was leaked after Jayadi gave the video to an associate for a private collection. Instead of just being run out of his mosque, Jayadi was thrown behind bars, because that’s what Muslims do to anyone who tries to enjoy themselves. Let’s not forget the obvious hypocrisy of Jayadi preaching sexual oppression (Islam) while not being able to practice it.

Didik Purwanto

Didik Purwanto

Jayadi attempted to flee the region but was captured. The local police chief, Didik “Dickbag” Purwanto, commented on the arrest: “[Jayadi] has deliberately produced a porn video for a private collection.” Purwanto noted that the six-minute video could mean a 12-year jail sentence for the cleric. Really?! It was sex between consenting adults! No one should go to jail for that! Yet again, we see how Islamic law is completely incompatible with our liberal, secular values and society. The more Muslims we allow into the west, the more likely they will start pushing for barbaric laws like Indonesia’s.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #544: Saeful Sardi Jayadi and Didik Purwanto

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  2. 12 years in prison for 6 minutes, consenting adults, private collection. Is there no crime in Indonesia? Nothing better for police and the courts to do with people than this? I have friends who own a second home in Indonesia and they are broken hearted by what has happened to a beautiful country and a lovely people. The worse thing to happen to this country is the take over of Islam.

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