Your Daily Muslim #545: Valiollah Naghipourfar

Totally not stoned (the non-Islamic way)

Totally not stoned (the non-Islamic way)

Banging one’s head on the ground repeatedly can cause brain injury. Banging one’s head on the ground five times a day leads to the kind of intellectual stunting demonstrated by Iranian Islamic scholar Valiollah Naghipourfar. The old Muslim threw absurd accusations around about Jews and jinns (invisible poop-eating spirits that can allegedly possess people.) By the way, this seventh-century mental case is a professor at Tehran University, enlightening the minds of the future.

“The Jew is very practiced in sorcery,” Naghipourfar stated in an interview, not realizing that Judaism doesn’t involve any practice of magic. “Indeed most sorcerers are Jews.” Oh really? How many sorcerers have you met? A street magician or the neighborhood kid who’s always playing Magic: the Gathering don’t count. Jewish people are smart and resourceful; they don’t turn to pseudoscientific crap to remedy their problems, unlike Muslims who often perform violent exorcisms to deal with alleged jinn possessions. According to Naghipourfar, jinns are currently employed by Jews to “undermine” the Islamic republic of Iran. He also explained his belief that Jews are skilled in the dark arts. Yes, because Jewish people are so into all that Hogwarts crap.

When asked if jinns could communicate with humans, the sage scholar responded: “Of course, they do all the time. And faithful human beings, through their good deeds, can communicate with angels.” Angels, jinns… this is the kind of stuff you see on Charmed, not in reality. Naghipourfar then made the claim that certain agencies had attempted to use jinns for espionage purposes. In other words, those agencies are around as effective as ISIS from Archer. He also mentioned that jinns can take down “political and social systems.” Uhh, those aren’t jinns, those are social and political forces and movements. No invisible demon-thingies involved.

“You see, Jews have always been associated with sorcery and jinns,” Naghipourfar said, further shoving his foot in his mouth. Whatever academic credibility he had has certainly been lost by this point. “Even the Qur’an condemns Jews, calling the prophet Solomon an infidel and accusing him of sorcery.” Somehow there are still people out there who fail to see the Qur’an for the ant-Semitic hate manifesto it is. Of course, the hatred doesn’t stop there. Naghipourfar added, “Even Allah says, ‘Don’t you see that the devil controls infidels?'” Good luck proving that assertion, “professor.” The joke of an academic had one final concluding remark, the irony of which is astounding: “Infidels are powerless.” That’s ironic, coming from the person who lives in constant fear of an invisible sky-demon and enjoys very few freedoms as a result.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #545: Valiollah Naghipourfar

  1. I knew it, Harry Potter and Gandalf were Jews!

  2. How can the Prophet Suleiman (PBUH) be an infidel?

  3. How does any educated person believe in Islam, just on the face of it Islam is just pure stupidity and insanity, then you get religious leaders like this who have a second graders experience of the world “interpreting” his ignorance and non sense to even more ignorant people. It’s a cluster fuck of stupid, Islam!

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