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Your Daily Muslim #548: Abu Rahin Aziz

Seriously, who perms their beard?!

Seriously, who perms their beard?!

“USA your interference will trigger many more 9/11 twin towers attacks and your brave boys returned in body bags.”

UK Muslim Abu Rahin Aziz was tired of living among the kuffar. He grew weary of their ability to enjoy themselves, to walk unaccompanied by a male relative, and of course, their freedom to drink. Instead of realizing that we in the west have a superior way of life to Muslims (liberals, shut it with your cultural relativism crap, that’s bull and you know it), Aziz felt the need to be around his fellow mumineen (believers) in a place where their barbarism was the norm. Of course, that meant traveling to Syria to wage jihad.

On Twitter, Aziz posted numerous messages threatening the citizens of his former nation. “Downing Street will be a base for Muslims,” he tweeted. “Trafalgar Square is where public executions will take place. Army of Islamic State [khilafah] is coming.” Liberals, where’s that religion of peace you keep telling us about? Because all I see are a bunch of bloodthirsty fanatics who want to subjugate the world.

Aziz also threatened to wage jihad against western nations, and vowed that Muslims would “conquer” the kuffar. He also threatened numerous British politicians including David Cameron and Theresa May. Why? Because of their alleged knowledge of a pedophile ring. What he fails to realize is that most of the UK’s pedophile rings are run by his fellow Muslims!

Why did Aziz suddenly make the intercontinental voyage to Syria? Because he was going to be imprisoned for 9 months if he didn’t. He was one of many Muslims arrested in connection with an attack on a non-Muslim soccer fan. He and several other Muslims made sure to clear the Muslims in the area out of the way before commencing the beating. THey then handed out dawah (evangelism) fliers about their religion of peace to infidel onlookers. With the skyrocketing Muslim imprisonment rates, it’d be a great chance for dawah to the remaining kuffar in prison. If that didn’t work out, he could always practice “anal jihad” (see YDM546) with his fellow ass-lifters.

This isn’t Aziz’s first run-in with the law – in 2013, he was investigated over comments he made that suggested support for terrorism. Specifically, he stated that Belgium would be “destroyed” by Muslims if Belgian authorities didn’t release imprisoned hate preacher Fouad Belkacem.

The insanity doesn’t end there. Aziz also has connections to hate preacher Anjem Choudary’s banned group Muslims Against Crusades, which led numerous rallies against the west. In 2010, he marched with a sign saying “British soldiers burn in hell” on Armistice Day. Yep, totally respectful of his host country. Totally not a parasite in every sense of the word.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim #548: Abu Rahin Aziz

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