Your Daily Muslim #549: Naseema Sarlie

Naseema Sarlie

Naseema Sarlie

Welcome to PMS week! Every featured Muslimah this week is likely having the worst visit from Aunt Flo of her life.

South African Muslimah Naseema Sarlie seems to have trouble making good decisions – namely, when to keep her mouth shut about her abhorrent beliefs. When the Islamic world discovered a Facebook page by the name of Allah Returns 8, Sarlie had to see the source of the commotion for herself. The page’s profile picture featured a pig dressed in Islamic attire with the caption stating the animal was Allah. This caused Sarlie to fly completely off the rails with baseless foaming against every Muslim’s favorite target: Jews.

Nowhere did the Allah Returns 8 admin ever say that he or she was Jewish. However, in the “minds” of many Muslims, anyone who mocks Islam must be a Jew. Sarlie began to unload upon the page, posting horrific memes to exress her religion’s teachings of peace and tolerance:

I think this says it all.

I think this says it all.

Sarlie’s Facebook lists her as an administrator at the Zeerust Primary School in Zeerust, South Africa. She has posted quotes from fellow Muslims telling Israel to “be scared,” and has posted various images bashing Israel. How this woman can be trusted to not indoctrinate her students (and her poor daughter) with Jew-hatred is beyond me; from the looks of things, it’s a very key component of her being. Perhaps it’s time she… moved on… to a more suitable professional environment.

Posting one hate message on the Allah Returns 8 page wasn’t enough for Sarlie. She posted not one, but two more:


I’m pretty sure this next one was created as a joke by 4chan or the like, but of course, Muslims take everything seriously and entirely at face value:


3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #549: Naseema Sarlie

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  3. […] where have we heard that line before? This uncovered, seemingly moderate Muslimah parroted hardline clerics‘ […]

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