Your Daily Muslim #551: Nasira Kazi

When will Muslimahs realize that leopard print is dead and will never come back?!

When will Muslimahs realize that leopard print is dead and will never come back?!

South African Muslimah Nasira Kazi probably tied her headbag too tight because it would seem there is a lack of oxygen getting to her brain. Instead of accepting the right to free speech and the right to criticize violent seventh-century ideologies, Kazi railed against the infidel after finding various counterjihad pages on Facebook. She initially chose to walk the path of peace, asking her fellow Muslims to not send their usual barrage of death and rape threats to the pages’ administrators:


However, like all Muslim attempts at being peaceful, Kazi’s effort was incredibly short-lived. The recent University of South Africa graduate then flipped out about delicious infidel cuisine:

All she wants is some bacon inside her.

All she wants is some juicy bacon sliding down her throat.

Islam is pure... LOL. The most vile creatures on the planet are Muslims, who marry children, stone gays, and lash women for showing their hair.

Islam is pure… LOL. Excuse me while I facepalm.

I swear, that foam was almost copied from Noorhayati Cherry and/or Sabreena Sadaf… the hive-mind effect is apparently quite strong among Muslimahs when it comes to bacon.

Now we get to see the brilliant logic Kazi employs when discussing alleged double standards against Muslims. Never mind the fact that Islamic Jew-hate pages are allowed to stay up free of consequence when innocent counterjihad pages like Allah Returns 8 and Laughing at the Muslim Defence League 2 get routinely deleted.

Nasira Kazi tried to get her report jihad on... and failed.

Nasira Kazi tried to get her report jihad on… and failed.

Yep, she just compared pro-Hitler messages to someone insulting Muhammad, pigs be upon him. An insult to Muhammad is not a call to annihilate a race. There’s kind of a big difference there, but Kazi can’t recognize that.

Here’s a final (totally nonviolent) message of peace from this totally reasonable Muslimah:


Update 7/21/2014: After the publication of this piece, Kazi began foaming at counterjihadists on the YDM Facebook page’s wall. Behold this Muslimah’s attempt at being reasonable:


And here’s this failed voice for peace showing her true sentiments. Moderate Muslimah, not so much.


Update 7/27/2014: Now she’s turned into an all-out terror group supporter.


She’s also of the belief that women are not allowed to fight in jihad, as many Islamic scholars argue. Again, behold the peace flowing from her keyboard:


4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #551: Nasira Kazi

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  2. Kasira Nazi- very apt. Muslimahs are even stupider than Muslim men; the koran was right!

  3. Filthy imbreeds.

    Muslims are the real plague of this world. You are the ones who should be dead. You bring nothing but misery, disgrace and death.

    You, satanic beings, will burn in hell.

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