Your Daily Muslim #552: Amani Kapre

Amani Kapre's "modeling"

The eternally classy Amani Kapre

UK Muslimah Amani Kapre seems normal on the surface – she likes drawing, photography, and the occasional venture into modeling. However, a menace lies beneath, seeking to blot out criticism of Islam and Muhammad, pigs be upon him.

Kapre ran into some counterjihad pages on Facebook and unleashed a flurry of froth rivaling that of even the most seasoned foamers. Never mind the fact that she uses her personal Facebook in a professional capacity; nope, all of her friends could see the beast within bursting free. For a model, this certainly isn’t model behavior.


Let’s see: we’ve got thinly-veiled threats, more taunts and threats, insults to family members, promises of supernatural violence, and a finally an outright call to slaughter infidels. Truly, Islam is the religion of peace.

Kapre is just the latest Muslim to make fun of us infidels for eating delicious bacon. Kapre went on another little rant about food and drink her religion prohibits her from consuming, including humanely-slaughtered meat. FYI: we’re not jealous of your effed-up dietary restrictions, you’re jealous you can’t enjoy yourself.


Like any devout Muslim, Kapre asked her friends to report the counterjihad pages she found. However, some of them thought she was just asking them to like the page, since she hadn’t been particularly clear in her instructions. They apparently sent her some nasty hatemail (again, see how tolerant Muslims are of any criticism of Islam) due to the misunderstanding. To clear the air, Kapre posted this totally-not-mad rant:


If we’re not even human, what are we? LOL. Maybe Kapre should take a few minutes and figure out whether or not her insults make any sense before flinging them and embarrassing herself in the process. Oh wait, she’s Muslim, that’s totally par for the course.

6 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #552: Amani Kapre

  1. What a vile tramp. Best she find modelling job on rooftop in Gaza.

  2. On the plus side she seems to certainly know her Koran.

  3. She’s no muslima; she is an absolute, pure, bloody, SEE YOU IN TEE. She should be force fed a very large & spicy chorizo sausage. but that would be committing an offense to the poor dear pig. I would never offend a pig.

  4. Pigs are really smarter than dogs, which in many ways is so sad. I’d take a pig over this bitch any day. What is wrong with people like her, if you don’t like to read something move on! Your FUCKING religion means nothing to most people, rather we see you as ignorant, poverty ridden people who expect everyone to bend over for your stupid raping, murdering, lying prophet. Frankly I don’t care if she’s upset, and other than Taliban Monthly, where did this thing ever model? That’s the problem, they are incapable of living and letting others live. They just can’t help thinking you need to hear the words or their pedophile penis on babies prophet. The Prophet repulses us, REPULSES US!!!! Get it. Now move along like the good future murder you are. Why isn’t she in Syria sexually servicing the jihadists? She doesn’t love the prophet at all.

  5. Goodness…..
    Is That Portrait, Gosh I Really Don’t Have The Words……

  6. That’s because you looked at her face and turned to stone

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