Your Daily Muslim #554: Mabul Shoatz

Mabul Shoatz. Note the prominent zebiba caused by repeated headbanging on the ground. It's an indicator of likely brain damage.

Mabul Shoatz. Note the prominent zebiba caused by repeated headbanging on the ground. It’s an indicator of likely brain damage.

Many Muslims often say that sharia punishments (hudud) for theft etc. are rarely fully implemented. Some even claim that only four hands were cut off in a century for theft in ancient Islamic society. However, the city of Philadelphia’s Muslims think that figure is insufficient. The imam of the Masjid ar-Razaqq ul-Karim and one of his followers, Mabul Shoatz (born Merv Mitchell), decided to take justice into their own hands when one of the members was accused of stealing from the mosque’s prayer jars. The mosque is a converted house – and also Shoatz’s residence.

The bloodthirsty followers of the religion of peace poke with the accused but did not give him a chance to defend himself. Shoatz and the imam grabbed the man and dragged him to the backyard of the mosque. Instead of giving him a fair trial, they felt the need to immediately administer hudud to the man they presumed guilty. They threw the man to the ground and laid his arm out on a log. Shoatz picked up a dull machete and swung at the man’s wrist. The amputation wasn’t successful, though the skin and several tendons were severed. Allah was surely displeased at Shoatz’s failure to deliver justice.

The victim required surgery to save the damaged area. Shortly after the incident, Shoatz was arrested and there is a warrant out for the imam. This is just the beginning of the wave of barbarism that will surely come as more and more Muslims invade the west. Islam cannot coexist with our free society and its fair justice system.

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #554: Mabul Shoatz

  1. Jeez! How’d ya like to be HIS wife? I suppose he’d beat her to death if she served him lentils instead of goat for dinner!

  2. Even dogs learn not to shit where it eats & sleeps. I guess these two sand monkeys literally don’t have the sense God gave to a dog.

  3. […] Mabul Shoatz – When a member of his mosque was accused of stealing, Pennsylvania Muslim Mabul Shoatz and his imam attempted to amputate the man’s hand behind the mosque as sharia punishment for the crime. […]

  4. Lol, in French, the word “maboul” (same prononciation than Mabul) means “stupid and crazy”…
    Shit, we’re overwhelming by brainless mudslims…

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