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Your Daily Muslim #555: Mohammad Asri Zainul Abidin

Some #gayporn4muhammad no one wants to watch

Some #gayporn4muhammad no one wants to watch

Coexist: the mindless philosophy of left-wingers whose heads are buried in the sand. Jihad: the mindless philosophy of annihilation most Muslims hold dear. Malay Muslim cleric/professor Mohammad Asri Zainul Abidin’s recent statements are a slap in the face of idiots with “coexist” bumper stickers worldwide. Instead of promoting interfaith tolerance and dialogue, Abidin instead tried to give credibility to one of the most hated men in history: Adolf Hitler.

“We are not anti-certain races, or blindly anti-Semitic like Hitler or previous Europeans,” Abidin wrote, before gradually changing his tune toward being anti-Semitic. “But if we see the betrayals and wicked acts of the Israeli Jews, those are not a new or odd thing for them. There might be truth behind Hitler’s belief.” Take one look at Israel, a shining beacon of human rights and progress in the Middle East, then take a look at Afghanistan, a backward Islamic hellhole. Now tell me that the Israelis are the ones guilty of “wicked acts.” …yeah, that’s what I thought. The hypocrite Abidin fails to recognize his own hypocrisy, instead falling into blind anti-Semitism which he claimed he was avoiding.

“Why did the Europeans unite in believing that the Jews were an evil race?” Abidin wrote. “The answer, is whether the belief was superstitious, or it was based on their experiences with the Jews.” No, it was based on the power of rhetoric and propaganda, which hate peddlers like Abidin fail to recognize they are spreading.

“…the cruel and brutal acts of Hitler had indirectly reduced the harm that the Jews pose to Europeans and the rest of the world,” Abidin continued. What harm? You mean Nobel Prizes, scientific advancement, prosperity, and human rights? Gee, sounds like a lot of harm to me. If you want to talk about harm, look no further than Islam.

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  1. Pretty sick of Islam.

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