Your Daily Muslim #557: Ali Ashraf Karami

Ali Ashraf Karami airbrushed beyond recognition. Unsure whether or not the gay-face is Photoshop-induced.

Ali Ashraf Karami airbrushed beyond recognition.

Iran isn’t known for having a stellar track record on human rights. From hanging gays to stoning those accused of adultery, the Islamic Republic has a lot of catching up to do to be considered anything other than barbaric. Kermanshah Province deputy governor Ali Ashraf Karami, however, is not helping his country advance into the 21st century – or out of the 7th at all, for that matter. The bloodthirsty Muslim decided that the holy month of Ramadan’s annual festivities, the worldwide Ramadan Bombathon, weren’t exciting enough. He wanted to see more blood – infidel blood.

When five less-than-devout Muslims and one Christian were caught eating during the fasting period of Ramadan, local law enforcement personnel immediately detained them. Such an egregious offense as fulfilling a basic human requirement to survive would surely be displeasing to Allah! News of the arrests and the suggested punishment made its way up the chain of command to Karami, who was A-OK with it. The Muslims each received 70 lashes for breaking the fast. The Christian, however, was subjected to a different punishment.

Likely in the hope to deter him from eating for quite some time, he was taken out in public. Seventh-century savages hoping to appease an invisible sky demon burned his lips with a cigarette. He was then thoroughly beaten. Note to travelers: if you go to Iran during Ramadan, it might be a good time to give anorexia a try.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #557: Ali Ashraf Karami

  1. Did this buffoon think their might be something medical going on, as in diabetes or hypoglycemia perhaps? Sure why not just die during Ramadumbdumb because you are eating or drinking to keep yourself from a diabetic coma? I wonder if doctors in Iran have let people die rather than give them some OJ because gosh you might get a beat down too! Freaks. The fact that they can’t see how bizarre they are is what’s so frightening about them. If it came from a book by an uneducated sheep herder who probably said nothing that’s in the koran at all, that can’t be verified by scholarly verification other than his raping, stealing, murdering and enslaving is a real mystery to the majority of people living on the planet. If they didn’t have a death penalty for leaving the religion you know 99% of them would be out tomorrow!

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