Your Daily Muslim #558: Abu Abdillah Ismaeel

Abu Abdillah Ismaeel in his mother's basem- I mean, his mosque.

Abu Abdillah Ismaeel

“Some heretics have tried to attack Islam and its rulings; they have denounced divorce and plural marriage and permitted alcohol. Those who look at the state of their societies will see the state of misery which those societies have reached.” Yes, because Denmark is totally in a “state of misery” compared to Iran.

New York imam Abu Abdillah “Abdildo” Ismaeel can best be described as every crazy cleric featured on this site rolled into one. Ismaeel is the imam of the Masjid Ahlul Qur’an wa Sunnah in Queens, NY. Instead of standing for American values and serving as a pillar of the community, Ismaeel spends his time preaching hate from his pulpit in a clearly decrepit mosque.

In addition to his vitriolic sermons, the cleric enjoys filming himself and uploading videos of his hate speech onto his mosque’s video site. The irony here is that Ismaeel himself has condemned any and all photography on the Ask the Imam section of his mosque’s website. “The basic principle concerning making pictures of any animate being, whether it is a human or any animal, is that it is haram [forbidden], whether the pictures are three-dimensional or are drawn on paper, cloth or walls, etc., or are photographs (taken with a camera), because of the reports in the sahih ahadith which state that that is not allowed, and threaten the one who does that with a painful torment…” Well then, Ismaeel, prepare for a painful torment. However, I doubt anyone really wants to look at a picture or video of the unkempt cleric. He could seriously benefit from some grooming advice.

Speaking of grooming, Ismaeel tried to justify his hideous appearance, namely his wretched beard. “The Sunnah of the messenger of Allah [pigs be upon him] indicates that it is obligatory to let the beard grow and that it is haram to shave it or cut it,” Ismaeel wrote. Well, modern standards of personal upkeep dictate that beard maintenance is necessary. Unlike the ramblings of a 7th-century madman, maintaining a presentable appearance actually matters for something.

Ismaeel then insulted those very standards which he refuses to fit into, likely out of a deep-seated sense of jealousy toward those who don’t get looked at funny: “It should be noted that the beauty referred to is shar’i or Islamic beauty (beauty as prescribed in Islam), and not the so-called beauty which appeals to sick minds which are enamored of kafir [infidel] fashions and the appearance of corrupt people such as male and female actors and singers, or fashion models. Hence when some people were misled by those immoral western women who pluck or shave or draw their eyebrows, or make their nails long (like wild beasts), or have tattoos, and thought that this is beauty, many Muslim women imitated them in these things, even though they are forbidden by sharia.”

Let’s dissect that giant text-blob of bile. Ismaeel refers to western standards of beauty as “so-called beauty,” which appeals to “sick minds.” Gee, if the majority of people find a certain thing beautiful, maybe, just maybe, those who don’t are sick-minded. Especially when talking about something as normal and benign as trimming your pube-stache. Comparing long nails to those of “wild beasts” is just ridiculous. Women don’t grow talons or claws when they grow out their nails. Also, it’s 2014. No one gives two shits if you have tattoos anymore unless you’re in modeling. As for women doing their eyebrows – the traditional Islamic ninja costume covers them, so why does it matter? Unless, of course, you’re a sexist bastard like Ismaeel who just wants to dictate what women are allowed to do.

“Islam made the husband the protector and maintainer of the wife and gave him the responsibility of heading the household, because he is more perfect in rational thinking than her in most cases,” Abdillah wrote. “This means that it is obligatory for her to obey him.” If men are more perfect than women in rational thinking in most cases, why is car insurance more expensive for young men, a demographic prone to making reckless decisions? Why are women frequently seen as voices of reason and moderation? Despite its lack of basis, Ismaeel feels the need to spew this misogynistic garbage all over his mosque’s website. This hatred of women likely stems from repeated rejection, which probably relates back to the heap of pubes on his face.

“Hence we see chaos in the societies which go against that: men do not shoulder the responsibility of spending on their wives, and wives are not obliged to obey their husbands; they go out of the home whenever they want and leave the marital nest empty and neglect their children.” Actually, we see chaos in Islamic societies, not in the west. Let’s compare Somalia and Pakistan to the Netherlands and Sweden. Case closed.

When a Muslimah asked Ismaeel how to repent for an encounter in which a friend of hers sucked her tits, the imam began by informing her she was an awful sinner. “Undoubtedly you have committed a grievous sin, in fact a number of sins, starting with your speaking to this man privately, and ending with what you did to with him.” Really? Speaking with a man privately is a sin? I know all about the verse that says the devil will come between a man and woman who are together in private, but shouldn’t that be their own choice? “You should note that it is not permissible for women to speak with men except for necessary purposes,” Ismaeel wrote. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Islam and the west are totally compatible. However, there’s one positive reminder to come from this: reading the Muslimah’s account of the incident is probably the closest Ismaeel will ever get to sucking tits.

“The Muslim… should know that there is great wisdom in what Allah has commanded and what he has forbidden; it is the straight path and is the only way in which man can be safe and at peace, protecting his honor, his mind and his health, in accordance with the natural disposition (fitrah) with which Allah has created man.” Yes, because chugging camel urine is definitely a way to protect one’s health. It almost seems as though Ismaeel is trying to make mockery of his religion (not a difficult task) through his ridiculous blithering, but sadly he’s completely serious.

“It is not permissible to greet or congratulate the kuffar [infidels] on the occasion of Christmas, New Year or any of their other holidays, and it is not permissible to respond to them when they greet us on those occasions, because they are not festivals that are prescribed in our religion, and returning their greeting is an affirmation and approval of them.” Yep, as Barack Hussein Obama put it, “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.” How’s that statement from Ismaeel for some interfaith dialogue? Muslims expect us to respect their holidays (no matter how unhealthy), but they refuse to reciprocate.

Speaking of things that Islam considers impermissible, Ismaeel had a lot to say on the subject of homosexuality. Though likely never having had a meaningful conversation with an openly gay person in his life, the cleric felt himself an expert on the subject and wrote: “They (gays and lesbians) both go against the natural disposition (fitrah) which Allah has created in mankind – and also in animals – whereby the male is inclined towards the female, and vice versa.” Never mind the fact that homosexuality is seen in numerous animal species, and the fact that gay people say they were born gay. Despite the mounting evidence against his stance, Ismaeel felt the need to dig an even deeper hole. And by “deeper hole,” I’m not referring to his anus.

“The spread of homosexuality has caused man diseases which neither the east nor the west can deny exist because of them,” the idiotic imam wrote. “Even if the only result of this perversion was AIDS – which attacks the immune system in humans – that would be enough.” Wait, lemme get this straight… did he really just say that homosexuality is responsible for AIDS? Just when I thought he couldn’t get any dumber, he goes and proves me wrong. AIDS was around well before its spread through part of the LGBT community; to suggest otherwise is to ignore current scientific hypotheses behind its origins. However, Muslims are fairly pro at dismissing science in favor of dogma.

Ismaeel had even more baseless rhetoric to fling about gays. “It also causes the breakup of the family and leads people to give up their work and study because they are preoccupied with these perversions,” he wrote. Really? How does homosexuality break up any families? Oh, you mean the forced marriages many closeted homosexuals are thrown into by their Islamic families? That’s no way to live. It’s cruel to deny someone a mutual, loving relationship. As for people giving up academic pursuits, clearly Ismaeel abandoned those a long time ago in favor of repeatedly banging his head on the ground.

Speaking of banging, here’s how Ismaeel described gay sex. This is, like Sabreena Sadaf‘s description, comical in its own right. “Lesbianism means one woman doing to another something like that which a man does to a woman. Homosexuality means having intercourse with males in the back passage. This was the action of the accursed people of the prophet of Allah Loot (peace be upon him). In sharia terminology it refers to inserting the tip of the penis into the anus of a male.” Uhh, just the tip? Who does that? Ismaeel could greatly expand his mind and rid himself of these incorrect notions by watching gay porn. Also, it’s called an ass, not a “back passage.”

The homophobic barrage didn’t end there. In a recorded sermon, Ismaeel shared his beliefs on philosophy. “Instead of reading the Qur’an, instead of busying themselves with Sahih al-Bukhari and [Sahih] Muslim, [Muslims] started to busy themselves with philosophy.” I’d call that cultural advancement, a step in the right direction. Of course, any sort of progress in Islam is promptly dealt with by those unwilling to move beyond the 7th century. “‘Broadening our horizons,'” Ismaeel mocked before going further off the deep end. “You broaden your horizon, your son will become a homosexual! You broaden your horizon, your daughter will be a lesbian! You broaden your horizon, your son will become a Scientologist! A philosopher! A Darwinist! All the way to the fire for eternity!” Philosophers are noted intellects, as was Darwin. Muslims, on the other hand, are noted for anti-intellectualism and pseudoscientific beliefs like the unfounded claim that philosophy will turn future generations gay.

Anyway, I think this piece has been long enough and you’re probably not reading this anymore. If you have some questions for Ismaeel about his bizarre beliefs, you know where to ask them. I’m gonna be taking a break for a couple days after this post due to some professional commitments. Hope you enjoyed this one, and don’t forget to vote in the Muslim of the Month poll!

9 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #558: Abu Abdillah Ismaeel

  1. Even this twat has to admit there are dumbshit men, probably loads of them in Islam, most of the time men are superior to women? So who decides this? What’s the percentage of men he admits are lesser to women? He’s an idiot and a hypocrite. Hate speech is hate speech and I suspect the reason why his Mosque is decrepit is because few people go there, or watch him online, and he’s not getting much cake to live on. I’m sorry some poor soul married this idiot, but he’s an idiot. Don’t you love that he thinks he’s an expert on EVERYTHING in the universe? First clue he might be one of that slice of men that isn’t most men. He’s in the slice that can’t hang with the real men. His poor wife. You really have to pity her. Hopefully he can’t breed because his junk is broken.

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  4. Love the part about beards. A friend of mine says you can tell how extreme a muslim is by the state of his beard. Sikhs are forbidden from cutting their hair or beards, but to Sikhs, grooming is just as important. That’s why Sikhs don’t look like homeless crackheads, unlike muslims. There are a very small number of Sikhs who believe we can all coexist, but the majority know JUST how dangerous islam is. Sorry for turning this reply into Sikh propaganda, but they’re awesome people. It seems like every tenet of their religion is in some way contradictory to islamist belief. They protect their women, they say a girl cannot marry until she reaches maturity, rather than puberty, they have an obligation to defend anybody under attack, no matter if they aren’t Sikh, they will allow any religious person into their temples to pray to whatever deity they choose, because, as they see it, god is in everything. I’m an atheist, and even I think that’s beautiful. Best of all, they carry a ceremonial dagger that they must carry at all times so long as islam exists. So yeah, the best ally in the war against muslims is a proud and noble Sikh

  5. I love the way that Muslims cannot greet us or acknowledge our infidel holidays..
    But where i work they are more than happy to take the infidels money as in work over Christmas and Easter at public holiday rates and then they all call in sick over ramadahn.
    True hypocrites the whole lot of them..
    I can imagine the bleating if one of them worked on the infidel holiday and never got paid the penalty rates for doing so

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