Your Daily Muslim #559: Ibrahim bin Ali (Part 2)

Ibrahim bin Ali

Ibrahim bin Ali

Malay Islamist Ibrahim bin Ali has been busy since part 1. I was originally in the process of writing him up for his recent anti-Semitic call for jihad, but then he went and one-upped himself in terms of crazy. Muslims don’t like dogs since they are viewed as nejis (ritually unclean) in Islam. I hope the irony of Muslims considering anything unclean is not lost on you. Ali condemned a cute ceremony in Scotland to open the Commonwealth Games, an international sporting event in which a Malay team was competing, because dogs were used in the ceremony.

The ceremony involved 40 Scottie dogs walking around with coats, with each coat bearing the name of a different team. The dogs were well-received by most – except Ali and his fellow seventh-century pedophile-followers. “I think it is unbecoming,” Ali said, oblivious to how unbecoming it is of him to tell others how to conduct harmless ceremonies in their culture. “The hosts have not been sensitive enough – especially in a so-called knowledgeable and civilized society like Britain. It is shameful and has offended not only Malaysia as a Muslim country, but Muslims around the world.” That’s the thing, though: the UK is knowledgeable and civilized, hence why they have ceremonies with dogs. They know that dogs aren’t “ritually unclean” and are lovable, cute companions. Instead of embracing man’s best friend, Islam chooses to remain petrified of touching anything deemed dirty by a pedophile who died over a millennium ago.

Ali recently stated that the Islamic ummah should unite to attack Israel. “The numbers are huge,” Ali said. “Assemble all the strength and together with OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation), attack the cruel Israeli Zionists.” Cruel? You mean insanely charitable and forward-thinking? With all the aid and resources that Israel has given to “Palestine,” you’d think that Palestinians would be a bit better off. Where’s that aid going? To build terror tunnels into Israel, of course. But Israel’s the “cruel” one according to the unthinking Ali. “Put together all your armies and weapons from Muslim countries and just attack the crazy Zionists and pray to Allah.” Yeah, you bitches better pray if you’re gonna attack Israel, that’s all I’ve gotta say.

Ali also accused the US of being the “mastermind” behind Israel’s political actions. I think it’s safe to say Ali has more than a few screws loose. Stay connected to YDM to hear the latest from Ali and his crazy political/Islamist group Perkasa.

11 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #559: Ibrahim bin Ali (Part 2)

  1. At least Scottie dogs, and any other dogs for that matter, don’t wipe their asses with their left paw and reserve the right paw just for eating………………. just sayin’

  2. At least Scottie dogs, and all other dogs for that matter, don’t wipe their ass with their left paws, and use their right paws for eating, like the muzzies do……………. just sayin’

  3. I tick all the boxes as far as the vile people you write about are concerned – gay, dog lover (as opposed to sheep shagger: so good of the late Ayatollah K to rule as to what the good Muslim SS may [not] do with the corpse of his beloved.). From what I see in the comment threads in the UK, people are aware of what we are dealing with; and do not make the weazel distinction between Islam and Muslim: it won’t wash. The strategic weakness in this disgusting religion, apart from the damage American fracking will do to its income, is women. They are going to look around themselves in the west and think, Wait a minute. Thank you for your entertaining work.

  4. My German Shepherd is cleaner than the average “mooslim” and for that matter, a lot more intelligent. I will never visit Malaysia, Turkey, Indonesia etc as I will not support “mooslims” in any way shape or form. All “mooslims” can do well is hate where as a dog offers unconditional love. No wonder “mooslims” do not like dogs.

  5. This bloke needs to be put down for his own good,I hope Muslims do band together and attack Israel,it would be nice to get rid of Islam once and for all!

  6. Another band of brothers to put on the glass car park list

  7. An open letter to:- Ibrahim bin Ali
    Islam offends me, you offend me and your blood thirsty false prophet offend me!

  8. Dogs are wonderful, most Muslims not so much. Who could hate dogs? Although I personally would like them to meet on the border of Israel, and I mean terrorist, the Taliban all the loons right up there, and then watch them go boom! I was in Malaysia when the population was 1/3 muslim, 1/3 Malay and 1/3 Chinese, I met a really smart man who said the country worked well and he told me you wait and see the Muslims can’t just let others live and be happy, where ever they go they must control the environment and he said they would ruin the country. He was right.

  9. I like one thing about this guy. He doesn’t claim or pretend that other monotheistic religions worship Allah. Which is slightly better than you typical imam/mullah/abdulla-wallah

  10. […] up a few times on this website for engaging in various forms of seventh-century idiocy, sometimes involving dogs. Man’s best friend is seen as ritually unclean (nejis) in Islam and many Muslims are waging […]

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