Your Daily Muslim #561: Bilal Aboueid

Duckface is done by three kinds of people: teenage girls, mid-twenty-somethings with orange skin, and gay men.

Duckface is done by three kinds of people: teenage girls, mid-twenty-somethings with orange skin, and gay men.

Ausfailia has a Muslim problem. Unable to root out the mujahideen in the nation due to pervasive political correctness, wannabe jihadists like Bilal “Billy” Aboueid get away with spewing hatred at Jews and other innocent people. Let’s take a look at what this keyboard warrior had to say on Facebook. Let’s just say it’s clear he spends a lot of time on the internet, and waging jihad for 72 virgins is his best hope of getting laid.

This is how Aboueid tried to debate with a Jew

This is how Aboueid tried to debate with a Jew

“Pigs.” What a typical Islamic insult. Pigs are actually fairly intelligent creatures and can make great pets (or food!) However, to a radical Muslim, anything of greater intellect must be insulted and/or attacked, hence the hatred of pigs. Oh, and guess what – Aboueid also called Shia Muslims “pigs.” He really needs a new insult of choice.

Of course, the insanity continued. Like many other Muslims, Aboueid believes in a vast, global Jewish conspiracy that controls almost all world governments and economies. What evidence does he have for his assertion? Next to none. Does he care? No.


“Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.” -Barack Hussein Obama

Aboueid is also an outspoken terror supporter. Before the group changed its name, Aboueid declared his support for ISIS, the jihadist group currently occupying part of Iraq and Syria. He has also shared numerous pro-jihad images and spoken in favor of women wearing the traditional Islamic ninja costume (niqab.)


Of course, this Muslim is walking free in Ausfailia despite his overt hatred of Jews and his support of violent jihad. It is unknown whether or not he is even on a terror watchlist or anything of the sort; if he isn’t, he should be.

This post will conclude with grim warnings from Aboueid of what he hopes will happen in the future… it’s time to say enough is enough. Jihadist Muslims and our culture cannot coexist. We need to stop tolerating their intolerance.


Let's hope he doesn't reproduce. Considering his appearance, the odds are already against him.

Let’s hope he doesn’t reproduce. Considering his appearance, the odds are already against him.

Here’s some more pictures of Aboueid being completely heterosexual. I get the feeling he might take part in anal jihad one of these days:

bilal aboueid2

Since the publication of this piece, Aboueid has continued posting content worthy of being featured on this site. In addition to creating a Facebook page for the sale of power tools of dubious origin, he has also tweeted in favor of (even more) mass murder and has glorified death.



And here’s how Aboueid reacted upon seeing his YDM piece:

Anti-Semitism... totally didn't see that coming.

Anti-Semitism… totally didn’t see that coming.

12 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #561: Bilal Aboueid

  1. Islam is sick, sick, sick, and it’s adherents make puckerfaces, threaten, and call civilized people names.

  2. Ummmm is this meant to be news? Everyone that has a heart hates Zionist and supports ISIS.
    Lol weather or not you put us on a ‘terror watch’ the only terrorist here are the people who turn a blind eye to what is happening in Gaza and Syria (includes our idiot pathetic ‘leader’)

    Contine to live in your fear of Muslims. If we wanted to harm anyone here, TRUST me you wouldn’t have been here. Also learn what the word Jihad stands for. It might surprise you that all true Muslims are for Jihad, not because we just want to kill non believers like you would think. When someone comes and invades your home, denies you of clean water, and electricity beats you (if not kills you) but not before they make you watch as they rape and abuse the women of your household in front of you then in this instance self defense is an act of Jihad.
    But hey I wouldnt expect you to know much about this because anything that is true about Islam will not make it on this page.

    This page is made for people who have so much hate in their hearts for Muslims. And we’re the radicles?

    • Yes, you are radicals. Israel supports human rights. ISIS supports killing gays. Gee, I wonder which side I should support… your kind make yourselves look less and less intelligent every time you try to argue.

      Also, infidels don’t rape your women. Eww.


      • Israel is not targeting children. If Israel wanted to, it could easily wipe Gaza off the map with its military capabilities and kill a ton of children in the process. The only reason children are dying is because Hamas insists on putting them in the front lines. Israel does not want to kill innocent people. It knows that, aside from being completely unconscionable, the death of kids always looks bad. Read up on how Hamas uses kids, foamer: https://yourdailymuslim.com/2013/02/01/your-daily-muslim-fathi-hamad-part-2/

    • Sous


      I have been accused of being a Moslem hater. Let me be perfectly clear: I cherish Moslems who truly (by deed and action, not by exercise of fork tongued mouth, known as takiyyah):
       Who don’t barbarically hack people to death on the streets or plant anti-personnel bombs at athletic events, or don’t blow up buss loads of innocent women and children;
       Who do not call for the overthrow of our Constitution – practice sedition; or work to undermine the Bill of Rights;
       Who don’t want to deny non-Moslems equal civil and political rights, in particular the First Amendment – freedom of expression, freedom to criticize the political ideology of Islam, the hatred spewed out in the Koran, or the cult of Mohammed;
       Who don’t murder fellow soldiers while wailing “Allahu Akhbar”;
       Who don’t use non-Moslem scriptures for toilet paper;
       Who don’t feel it is their divine right to marry and then rape 6-year old girls; and who don’t sexually mutilate their wives or daughters; or murder them for the sake of “honor“, or force them to wear the equivalent of gunny sacks to preserve their “modesty“ (or hide their bruises and broken teeth), or beat them into submission;
       Who don’t feel it is their barbaric right and duty to humiliate, abuse, steal from, torment, torture, mutilate, or murder non-Moslem kafirs and infidels, and who don’t block Christians in their churches and then burn them all, decent men, good women, and innocent children;
       Who don’t want to colonize America in the name of the cult of Islam and create a bigoted, biased Sharia compliant Islamist (fascist) dominated government with an un-elected Caliph as head of everything we do, and impose nutjobs as judges with absolute authority over our lives..
       Who don’t use mosques, their homes, and businesses as places to collect funds used to support terrorism; to politically indoctrinate young people in the hatred non-Moslems; who don’t tell their followers to emulate Mohammed, an admitted rapist, pedophile, misogynist, thief, murderer, liar, and more.
       Who don’t lie (takiyya) and distort (kitman) to deceive decent but naïve people about the true ideology of the religion of hatred (Islam)
       Who accept the right of Jewish children to grow up and live their lives safely in Israel.
       Who don’t shirk their responsibilities and duties as loyal American citizens.
       Who are ethical in the civilized sense and recognize all human beings as equal under our Constitutional laws
       Who are seriously planning to leave that cult of the Greatest Deceiver” as Islamists so fondly refer to their crescent moon god, allah.
       Who actually work for a living and eschew living off of welfare, soaking others for their care.
       Who don’t murder fellow Sufi or Ahmadiayya Moslems who eschew violence against others.

      I have lived, worked and traveled in the umma (the world of Islam) for a decade, and I have indeed come to know and to really appreciate some really nice, good, decent, courageous, civilized Moslems who dared to befriend me. One saved my life and is in my thoughts and prayers daily, asking that God bring him to heaven, away from Mohammed. These wonderful courageous Moslems are apostates in the eyes of Islam, sharia compliant Moslems, and others who only know hatred.

      Become Islam-Aware: Censored by the CIA and banned by librarians. my Politically Incorrect book (www.experiencingislam.com) is rated at five stars on AMAZON. Read it and you will be well informed about the true nature and intentions of political Islam.

      Reasons why you should read the book:

      A controversial, politically incorrect essay written by a National Security insider with the highest levels of TOP SECRET and Sensitive Compartmentalized Intelligence (SCI) security clearances.
      The author served in counter intelligence and counter terrorist positions and thwarted terrorists.
      The book explains why so much of American intelligence operations are failing, or are even non- functioning (except those being directed against you and I). Describes enmity between the terrorist infiltrated DHS, the FBI, and the CIA.
      5-star rated. (One critic: “I didn’t want to give this high of a rating until I read the book – one that everyone should read.”)
      Censored by the CIA — and Banned by Librarians, a violation of the First Amendment.
      The author does not suffer fools gladly, is non-partisan and Politically Incorrect.
      Fatwas (death threats) have been issued against the book’s author who lived amongst Islamists for a decade and who provides you, the reader with fundamental truths about the true Islam… The author was also one of Americans listed for assassination by the famed Soviet Spetznaz forces (similar to Seal Teams).
      A veteran, the author is recipient of nation’s second highest civilian award for VALOR in combat.

      Read this great book that tells business managers, owners, HR professionals, and others how to deal with Moslems in the workplace. Go to amazon.com and in the search box type: Religion, Workplace, Horn

    • I treat Moohamedans same as I treat Klansmen. They have a few superficial differences, but deep down both are pretty much cut of the same cloth. And there aren’t any “moderate Mooslims” out there, not anymore than there are “moderate Klansmen”.

  3. lol what a joke for a website you Zionists are the terrorists just a pathetic race of weak little dogs im not even arab but I hate what the Zionists are doing. whats the bet this site send money to Israel and are Jews

    • LOLOLOLOLOL you bitches are so predictable

    • Paul, It’s a secure feeling for you to be a keyboard warrior using a phony name and hiding like a little coward while you call real men names. I am a gentile and a Zionist. I am an experienced and successful warrior. I support Israel 100% because they are seven million people vs 1.5 billion losers, and you are siding with the losers – aboriginals, primitive pieces of offal, and by self identification, you are a turd.

  4. […] mean crazier, as the two are synonymous when it comes to Muslims. Sampiano is Facebook friends with Bilal Aboueid (561) and supports pedophile sheikh Muhammad […]

  5. So this guy lives in Australia supports a terrorist group but is too busy with his boyfriend to go fight for his 72 virgins and sits on facebook all day long calling non jewish people jews (no doubt he his family is on the dole) waiting for his first cousin to be 15 so he can be married off? Where he will not be able to perform like a man with her, and subsequently beat her because he is gay. Quite the life he’s carved out for himself. Next he’ll be saying that he’s the victim of anti moosleem bias and can’t get a job, no doubt not understanding that employers will notice he’s a phony terrorist on the interwebs. What a sad little bitch and idiot. The fanny pack sealed the deal, although the constant duck lips are a dead give away too. Just get a boyfriend and stop funneling your anger at non muslims because your dad will cut your head off if you tell him the truth. Maybe your dad will post your head on your facebook page to get his honor back and you’ll really be famous!

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