Your Daily Muslim #563: Hinda Osman Dhirane

A sketch of Hinda Osman Dhirane in court

A sketch of Hinda Osman Dhirane in court

Most married middle-aged women like watching TV, raising their children, and eternally boring ladies’ nights where they discuss how mundane their lives are with equally mundane individuals. However, this isn’t the case for middle-aged Muslimahs like Seattle-area mother-of-six Hinda Osman Dhirane. The 44-year-old ninja-costumed woman allegedly spent her days leading a global terror-funding network from suburbia, per the case against her. This again demonstrates how the Muslimah next door is often just as extreme as the mujahidah in Syria.

Dhirane and other members of her network from Virginia and the Netherlands were recently arrested for funneling money to al-Shabaab, an al-Qaeda-linked terror group based in Somalia. Dhirane and her husband are both Somali. When interviewed regarding her arrest, Dhirane’s family members denied knowing anything. However, despite their apparent knowledge of her crimes (watch; the woman in particular is a terrible liar), there has been no mention made of any investigation into familial involvement.

After Dhirane’s arrest, more disturbing details about the suburban mother emerged. It was discovered she had called the Boston Marathon bombing a “blessing,” and had spoken favorably of the Westgate mall massacre of 2013. Truly this woman’s religion is one of peace and harmonious coexistence.

Currently, Dhirane is at home in a suburb of Seattle under electronic home monitoring, where she is still free to teach her six broodlings the “virtues” of jihad. Her trial, as well as that of the other arrested Muslimahs, is ongoing.

7 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #563: Hinda Osman Dhirane

  1. Why do you call call the Mooslim women “Muslimahs” in English? IMO that’s like playing their game of mixing in Arabic words to make their cult appear somehow mysterious and requiring “studying” to understand. E.g. calling chapters of the Koran “suras”, when the English word chapter is perfectly adequate, using Arabic words for prayer, as in “do salat” instead of simply “pray”, etc.

    • I like it; koran (no upper case), not Qur’an, bastardisation of English with a consonant after the ‘u’. muhammad, allah, disrespect is what islam really needs!

      • I prefer to just poke fun at them at any chance and egg them on a bit. I find it far more effective. Like calling them Moohamadans (or Mooslims), some of the nuttier ones get very aggravated. Or when they yell something about Allah, I’d ask them what it is. And when they start telling me that it is God, I usually correct them by telling them that God is spelled capital-G-O-D, and they ought to look it up in that big book called “encyclopedia”. Then the salat vs. salad puns. Or very politely asking them to take an ESL course when they try to talk about “prophets” Ibrahim, Musa, or Isa. It can get interesting when they start getting enraged, especially if there is a crowd of people around, and all you’re doing is making a few very polite, albeit sarcastic remarks, half of which go over their heads anyway.

    • I want my readers to learn the Arabic terms so they are more knowledgeable of what Muslims are talking about, in case they ever have to interact with, say, foamers on Facebook.

  2. Like this bitch isn’t back on the phone fundraising for her terrorists in her real country like a damn bill collector. Exactly how stupid is Homeland Security. This bitch needs to be in prison awaiting her trial and possible life sentence, with the rest of her rat terrorist family repatriated to Somalia where they can starve. Of course the women are as bad if not worse than the men, it’s their job to raise their kids to be jihadists.

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