Your Daily Muslim #564: Noraina Sampiano

Noraina Sampiano showing off her ninja skills

Noraina Sampiano showing off her ninja skills

The Philippines are becoming increasingly Islamic, with more and more ninjas like Noraina Sampiano among the nation’s populace. The wannabe Mortal Kombat character recently traveled to Saudi Arabia for the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj) and became even more devout. And by more devout, I mean crazier, as the two are synonymous when it comes to Muslims. Sampiano is Facebook friends with Bilal Aboueid (561) and supports pedophile sheikh Muhammad Salah.

Sampiano traveled with numerous other young Muslimahs and family members to Mecca, where she took plenty of pictures of herself(? It’s hard to tell) and her travel companions. She did her fair share of shopping… and more than her fair share of foaming. On Facebook, she began to share anti-Israeli propaganda from her fellow Muslims, accusing Israel of genocide. Uhh, it’s called defending itself. Maybe if Palestinians stopped throwing rock(et)s at Israelis, the incursion would end. Back to Sampiano, her most notable craziness is below:


Here’s the thing – as far as protection, the human body can heal. A phone cannot. Plus, what does wearing drapery protect against? It wouldn’t do anything against the ball bearings recently found in some Hamas explosive projectiles, that’s for sure. Having your body exposed isn’t a bad thing either unless you forget to use sunscreen. In which case, you’re just an idiot. You don’t need an oppressive black ninja suit to protect your body.

Many Muslims also rail against the allegedly western concept of dating, claiming that romance begins with (arranged) marriage. Sampiano is one such Muslim. She recently shard a photo blasting the idea of having a boyfriend, which implied that pre-marital romance can damage one’s faith. Despite the lack of evidence supporting that hypothesis (or anything in the Qur’an), Sampiano felt the need to share her thoughts on the subject. She probably only thinks that way because she can’t get a boyfriend… gee, I wonder why. Ninjas are cool on Halloween, but that’s one day a year. Her Facebook even lists her alternate name as “single.” I mean, I’ve seen desperate, but that’s just a whole new level right there.


I have no idea why she’d want a Muslim partner either. Islam authorizes men to beat their wives (Qur. 4:34), plus, infidel men are way hotter because they don’t have bizarre prohibitions against beard maintenance.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #564: Noraina Sampiano

  1. Keep posting on the fake NINJA’s. They are all idiots, screwed up to the kazoo with ignorance, hate, and blood.
    I would love to be alive the day God comes and make judgement upon them.

  2. Deen? She meant Peen right? Horny bitch spends all her time thinking of men and not Mohammed by doing naughty things to herself under her tent dress, that’s why no man wants her. I can’t believe this shit religion is spreading to the Philippines, is this the result of the terrorists the country has been harboring? Anyone who converts to this creepy religion is just so stupid and their fraud prophet was nothing but a pedophile. Can’t they read? Can’t any of these stupid people people read a paper and see what the fucked up religion is doing the world? Fucking retards.

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