Your Daily Muslim #567: Sadia Kauser

Sadia Kauser

Sadia Kauser

Name: Sadia Kauser
Location: Bradford, UK
Family background: Pakistani
Religion: Muslim

Sadia Kauser stumbled upon the Facebook counterjihad page Allah Returns 8, which depicted Allah as a pig. This sent her into a violent, racist rage:


It is unknown whether or not the admin of Allah Returns 8 was white, but Kauser took the liberty of assuming just so she could spew her racist bile. “I shag your dads” – uhh, the laws of the very religion she’s protecting would have her lashed for fornication. Plus, our infidel dads can do way better than a raging racist like her, let’s be honest here. She then insulted other religions’ holy books… but couldn’t take the same insult? Though such hypocrisy is commonplace among Muslims, I began to suspect Ms. Kauser’s profile might be an infidel pretending to be a Muslim. However, it turns out she is unfortunately very real.

Instead of cooling down, Kauser then raged even harder at infidels. Of course, that’s when the wannabe mujahidah got violent. She made an implied threat of putting us into a coma… good luck with that. Needless to say, this is the kind of person the UK is currently being overrun by. It’s time to take a stand and demand an end to this madness from our elected leaders.

13 comments on “Your Daily Muslim #567: Sadia Kauser

  1. Why do these muslims either pose with a gun or have a finger raised in the air, or the latest craze sweeping islam, posing with a severed head. Islam sure is the religion of pieces. And this poor excuse for a human being puts makeup and mascara on but covers her face (thank heavens) so she does not “tempt” men. What a hypocrite!

  2. What an absolute cunt………!!!!!!!! She insists on shagging infidels’ dads….!!!!!

    I wonder if she realizes that she will have her dried out raisin looking vagina mutilated by her Wahabbi brothers for wanting to have such impure thoughts of shagging. But to keep herself pure, perhaps she should go shag her father or her brother. It’ s a common practice for them to rape each other, so she should just shag her hole family voluntarily.

    Stupid & ignorant bloody towel head cunt…..!!!!!!!!!

  3. Is Allah Returns 8 still active on FB? I tried to find it/join it, but it doesn’t come up in search. And I love to troll the Moohamedans on FB!

  4. Just curious, do you support the various neo-nazi bloggers that repost from your blog? Your stuff is regularly re-blogged on something called “wasp” and I see some reblogs from “Elders of Zyklon B”.

    • I don’t support neo-Nazi content. People can reblog as they see fit; there’s little I can really do to stop that. I’m not seeing any referral hits from those sites in the analytics tab, so I’m guessing they don’t exactly get much traffic 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on wasp and commented:

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  7. I find it amusing that these people know nothing about handguns – she has her finger on the trigger with the weapon pointed at her face, and the ammo on that belt is the wrong ammo for that weapon.

  8. […] hijab will cause you, even if you’re a bad person, to want to act nice.” Nice like her, her, her, her, and so on? Don’t make me laugh even harder. Also, how does wearing a headbag make […]

  9. […] hijab will cause you, even if you’re a bad person, to want to act nice.” Nice like her, her, her, her, and so on? Don’t make me laugh even harder. Also, how does wearing a headbag make […]

  10. She sounds lovely. She must be turning all the jihadis on! No wonder she needs to cover up…

  11. […] Name: Sadia KauserLocation: Bradford, UKFamily background: PakistaniReligion: MuslimIntellectual capacity: Approximately that of a three-week-old goat […]

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